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Preview Clips: Friday 19th April

Coming up on the cobbles...

7.30pm (1 hour episode)

It's no 'Caravan of Love' for Gemma and Chesney. After an argument Gemma stomps off to the village - how will this one end?

You are quite happy to leave him with Kirk. Do you really think he'd be better in a crisis than me???

– Gemma Winter

Jan gives Seb a delivery bike he found in a skip and suggests they do it up so that Seb can set himself up doing odd jobs.

Will this good deed work in winning him over?

At the very least it will be a project.

– Eileen Grimshaw

Preview Clips: Wednesday 15th April

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having been forced to work for Rick, Gary is horrified to recognise the client as Vicky!

Will he carry out Rick's demands?

I've only just scraped together the rent.

– Vicky Jefferies


An under pressure Nick tells David that he's worried the police will soon find out he took Audrey's money. Will his fears be proved correct?

Is this what you labelled it? 'Gran's money'. This is the money I stole off my grandmother?

– David Platt

Preview Clips: Monday 15th April

Coming up on the cobbles...


Peter is exhausted after a sleepless night and a fruitless search for Carla. Can he convince the Connors how serious the situation is?

You lot have no idea how serious this is. Do you?

– Peter Barlow


As Imran is questioned by the police, he becomes suspicious about Nick's place in Wayne’s report. Will he be proved correct?

Is Nick implicated in this?

– Imran Habeeb

Preview Clips: Friday 12th April

Coming up on the cobbles...

7.30pm (1 hour episode)

With Carla's paranoia spiralling dangerously out of control, Peter finds her staring at the remains of the factory. Will he be able to find her some help?

I heard you and Ken whispering about me. You were plotting...

– Carla Conner

Imran finds a surprising shoulder to cry on when Nick opens up about his own dad's murder. Will it make a difference?

It's like when you break your leg and it doesn't quite heal... You just learn to dance with a limp.

– Nick Tilsley