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Preview Clips: Friday 30th August

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Jan reveals his intention to lie low in Birmingham until after the court case and urges Eileen to come with him. What will she decide, and is someone watching them?

I have to leave.... today!

– Jan Lozinki


It's not a happy homecoming for Fiz, furious at Tyrone for missing the deadline, and finding them in the middle of the school stand off, will she regret bringing Hope back to Weatherfield?

That's why I brought her home. So that she could feel calm and secure. Instead we walked into the middle of a riot!!

– Fiz Brown

Preview Clips: Wednesday 28th August

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Jed turns up at the Bistro and makes it clear he is willing to tell Michelle everything. When she turns up just as the men are facing off, how will Robert get out of this one?

Was that a bit awkward for you?

– Jed Moss


Conniving Geoff gives Yasmeen a list of his ailments and lets her think he could have cancer. Will he get away with his deception?

Are you sure you won't move back here until its all sorted out. Let me look after you?

– Yasmeen Nazir

Preview Clips: Monday 26th August

Coming up on the cobbles...


While visiting David in prison, he tells Shona the possible reason for Max's recent bad behaviour. How will she feel when she finds out?

It can't have helped it being his mum's birthday last week.

– David Platt


How will Gary react when a drunk Derek says he will pocket the cash from the factory as Gary is becoming a soft touch in his treatment of Ryan?

Don;t mistake manners for weakness, cos it might be the last mistake you'll ever make

– Gary Windass