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Preview Clips: Friday 24th May

Coming up on the cobbles...


Sally returns from her riding lesson and suggests to Tim they should buy a horse, as the bond between human and horse can be very therapeutic. Will he agree?

You can't seriously be considering buying a horse?

– Tim Metcalfe


Natalie's date accuses David of fancying Natalie and trying to kiss her, just as Shona arrives and overhears everything. How will David talk his way out of this one?

She's not interested so just leave her alone.

– Andrew

Preview Clips: Wednesday 22nd May

Coming up on the cobbles...


Nick tells Gary to be vague about how he was paid for the Barber shop job. A watching Leanne is concerned by what he might be hiding. Is the net closing in on Nick?

Just be a bit vague...

– Nick Tilsley


On on-the-edge Steve causes and incident with a group of lads but when one, James, is hit by a car he insists he doesn't want to make a fuss. But when the police suddenly arrive, what will they say?

Listen James, I promise you mate, no-one is ever gonna find out.

– Steve McDonald

Preview Clips: Monday 20th May

Coming up on the cobbles...


Toyah confides in Leanne how difficult it has been living with Imran since Rana’s death. She’s then horrified to realise he overheard every word!. How will he react?

Well at least I know where I stand.

– Imran Habeeb


As he waits for his taxi to take him off on tour, Kirk performs a special song he's written for Beth. What audible delights do we have in store?

It's about our mutual love of dogs.

– Kirk Sutherland