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Preview Clips: Friday 23rd August

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Tim tells Eileen to pull herself together as she’s needed back on the Street Cars’ switch, will he be able to change her mind?

If you're gonna sit around being miserable, you might as well come to work and get paid for it.

– Tim Metcalfe


Shona admits to Leanne and Sarah how she's been struggling for weeks with Max's behaviour. Will they be able to offer her some much needed support?

No wonder Max is messed up, what with losing his mum, and what's happened to David.

– Shona Ramsey

Preview Clips: Wednesday 21st August

Coming up on the cobbles...


Morgan shows Emma a message from their mum, Fiona. Will she listen to what she has to say?

But a dad to me.... shouldn't that be enough of a reason? My dad.

– Emma Brooker


Ed breaks down and admits to Aggie that he, not Michael, was to blame for them losing everything. Can their marriage overcome this revelation?

It wasn't Michael. It was me...

– Edison Bailey

Preview Clips: Monday 19th August

Coming up on the cobbles...


Bethany's shocked when a man she recognises from Nathan’s parties enters the Bistro for dinner with his family. Will she be okay?

I'm not gonna let him win. Ok? I'm gonna go out there and do my job.

– Bethany Platt


Geoff packs his bag to go and stay at Tim’s telling a distraught Yasmeen that she's not good for his mental health. What new lows can Geoff stoop to?

Let's just say I've got a few health issues. Nothing I wanted to burden you with.

– Geoff Metcalfe