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Preview Clips: Friday 20th September

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

As James offers Bethany a shoulder to cry on, she leans in for a kiss but he backs away, confiding that he's gay. How will she react to James' revelation?

Having discovered Derek has been doing deals behind his back, what will Gary do when he sees him on a date with Izzy?

What the hell are you doing out with the mother of my kid?

– Gary Windass

Preview Clips: Wednesday 18th September

Coming up on the cobbles...


When Audrey tackles Bethany about her feelings for Daniel, Bethany maintains they are just friends. But is she telling the whole truth?

Sweetheart, sometimes feelings can be confusing and boundaries become all blurred.

– Audrey Roberts


Toyah recommends professional help to Ali after seeing him overwhelmed in the Street. Will he agree?

So, between me and you, I've got a bit of a fight on my hands at the moment.

– Ali Neeson

Preview Clips: Monday 16th September

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having visited a hospice with Sinead, Daniel tells her that he wants to care for her at home to the bitter end. But will she agree?

I don't want some stranger looking after you. That's my job.

– Daniel Osbourne


Having witnessed his animosity towards Kel, Billy asks Paul directly if anything previously went on between them. Will Paul give him an answer?

What happened to the happy little kid that Gemma knew?

– Billy Mayhew