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Preview Clips: Friday 31st January

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Maria and Gary are shocked to hear from Beth that Daniel failed to have Bertie vaccinated and that's why he caught measles and passed them onto her. What will a livid Gary do next?

Well he never had Bertie vaccinated either.

– Beth Sutherland


Steve and Tracy find themselves railroaded by Claudia into attending Ken’s book club as part of their relationship building exercise. How will this one go?

Just what our relationship needs, a right good book.

– Tracy McDonald

Preview Clips: Wednesday 29th January

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Gemma and Ches enjoy some quiet time in the Victoria Garden, but is there a shock in store when a bus suddenly passes, adorned with their ad campaign?

You're the mother of four amazing kids, and nothing's sexier than that.

– Chesney Brown


When Tim enquires about the divorce papers, Charlie’s evasive, making out it’s going to take a few more days. Has she mistaken Tim's desperation for her to sign and leave as something more?

Not as surprised as Sally's gonna be when she gets back tomorrow.

– Steve McDonald

Preview Clips: Monday 27th January

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Trying to deal with Hope's awful behaviour, Tyrone suggests they tell social services they’d like Hope to have supervised contact with Jade as they’re bound to turn it down. But is this wise?

I don't want her back here either. Right! And when social services say no, and they will. It's win.. win.

– Tyrone Dobbs


Distraught at Bertie's plight, Daniel tells Ken he took him for his first jab but couldn’t bear to see him in pain so never took him back. Will Bertie be okay?

It's too late now though isn't it. Way too late. I'm so sorry.

– Daniel Osbourne

Preview Clips: Friday 24th January

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Will Alya listen when Bethany warns her about how Ray behaved with Michelle?

I'm standing up to him. He tried to get Michelle to sleep with him.

– Bethany Platt


Tim is horrified when he pops into the Rovers and finds Charlie working behind the bar!

What is she up to?

You said it was really difficult to get a job round here and I got a job in no time. How good is that eh?

– Charlie Wood

Preview Clips: Wednesday 22nd January

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When the police search Jade’s house for Hope, Jade insists she knows nothing about her sister's disappearance.

Is she telling the truth?

You're wasting your time, you should be out there looking for her.

– Jade Rowan


How will Sarah react when Maria and Gary proudly show off their scan photo in The Rovers?

You think that I'm jealous? Maria I feel sorry for you.

– Sarah Platt