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Preview Clips: Friday 15th November

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

When Robert goes to see Vicky to tell her it is over, he's unaware that Michelle and Carla have his phone and have followed him to the address. Is the game finally up?

Hang on.... that's Vicky, Tyler's mum.

– Michelle Connor

Sitting on a blustery hillside in contemplation, Daniel is surprised to find Peter alongside him. But as Peter implores Daniel to come home for Sinead's funeral, can he change his mind?

You're up a hill, with a 10 month old baby, in the middle of November.

– Peter Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 13th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Knowing they need to pay the hotel bill Gemma and Chesney agree to meet Tara to discuss the Freshco offer. They are stunned when they are offered £60k. Will they accept?

Just as long as you're factoring in the inconvenience... and the novelty.

– Chesney Brown


Roy and Carla pay Richard another visit and this time Roy comes clean about who he really is. How will his half brother react?

Sylvia, my mother. I have reason to believe is your mother also.

– Ray Cropper

Preview Clips: Monday 11th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having been warned to watch out for Ray, how will he react when Alya spills the beans and tells him what Michelle told her?

I knew it... when I her gossiping with you earlier

– Ray Crosby


When Gary turns up at Maria’s with a very expensive designer handbag, what will he say when she questions the extravagance of his gift?

I should probably come clean then, it's just a really good fake.

– Gary Windass

Meet Roy Cropper’s Niece Nina

Life is about to get a whole lot more complicated for Roy Cropper when he discovers a family he never knew existed.

Next week viewers will find out that Roy has been doing some more digging into his mother’s secret life and has unearthed evidence of a son she had during her affair.

When he finally tracks down his brother Richard Lucas (Paul Bown) he is surprised to find he has a teenage daughter Nina, and she is less than impressed with Uncle Roy’s sudden appearance in their lives.

Roy’s subsequent discovery that Richard is seriously ill leads him to agree to take on responsibility for his niece's welfare, but will he regret taking in another troublesome teen?

David Neilson who plays Roy said: “The storyline is a great device to bring Roy’s niece Nina into his life, a new relationship with a younger character, a troubled young person in the same way as he took in Wayne, Fiz, Becky and even cared for Carla when she was struggling. It is an interesting dynamic.

“Roy works well when he has something to focus on, a problem to solve or someone to look out for, particularly someone who others may see as a bit different.
Roy can identify with that as he has been an outsider himself. It is interesting and it puts him on his mettle.
They are different generations and worlds apart but there is a connection between them.”

Preview Pictures: Coming up on Corrie

This week on the Street: It's happy families in the McDonalds, Billy warns Kel, there's a surprising proposal for Gemma and Chesney, Roy plays detective and is Robert's double life about to come crashing down around him?

Fed up of Steve and Amy’s continual sniping, Emma suggests they take it in turns to pick something fun that they can all do together.

Happy Families?

Steve has first pick. What will he decide?

When Emma declares that she’s feeling better and it’s time she moved back home, Amy’s saddened, wishing she'd stay forever.

Will she be able to convince her to stay?

Billy warns Kel

When Billy offers Bernie a cleaning job at the church, Gemma insists she accept it. Having enjoyed a meal together, Kel kisses Bernie goodnight.

As he heads off, Billy warns him to stay away from No.5 and certainly from Joseph or he’ll regret it. Kel’s left shaken.

Ray takes legal action

How will Ray react when he hears that Michelle has warned Alya to watch herself with him and ensure he makes no advances.

He heads to see Michelle and issuing her with a letter for breach of contract and defamation.

Is Robert's double life to come crashing down?

As Robert is driving home from Vicky’s he is distracted by a call from Michelle telling him about Ray and crashes his car.

At the hospital Michelle can’t understand why Robert is asking about a baby and then she spots his big Daddy necklace nest to the bed. Is the game up?

Meanwhile, one of the midwives recognises Robert and when Vicky comes for a check up she tells her has has been in an accident! As she rushes to be by his side Robert masks his panic.

Once he's discharged, having grown tired of constantly lying to cover up his double life, Robert goes to see Vicky to tell her it is over

But he's unaware that Michelle and Carla have his phone and have followed him to the address.

Is the game finally up for Robert?

Secret sibling

Roy confides in Carla how he's discovered his mother had a son, Richard, as a result of her affair and put him up for adoption. Roy reveals that he has an address for Richard.

But, arriving there, a young woman answers the door and denies knowing anyone called Richard.

But Roy and Carla persevere and, going back, are let in by a care worker who reveals Richard is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. But when 'Nina' arrives back how will she react?

Roy tells a less than impressed Nina that he is his simply her dad's online Scrabble opponent.

A surprising offer

Gemma and Chesney are approached by the marketing manager from Fresco.

How will they respond when she asks them and the quads to be the face of the supermarket.

Preview Clips: Friday 8th November

Coming up on the cobbles...

7.30pm (1 hour episode)

Will Michelle stand up for herself when a vengeful Ray constantly gives her menial jobs to do?

Wow, you don't change do you. You're a sleaze bag for life aren't you.

– Michelle Connor

Carla is confused when a furious Amy tells her that Robert grassed her up to Steve about her friendship with Tyler. Will Carla reveal Robert's behaviour to Michelle?

But.. I knew my mum and dad wouldn't like it either way, so I just thought, won't say anything. And then he rings my dad, and tells him.

– Amy Barlow

Preview Clips: Thursday 7th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Having bound and gagged Big Farmer (the hospital drug dealer) in the furniture shop, Gary demands to know everything he knows about Ali. Will Big Farmer spill the beans?

Oh well, I guess we'll have to put the gag back up for this bit. It is a residential neighbourhood after all.

– Gary Windass