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Preview Clips: Wednesday 9th October

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It's Ken's 80th birthday party in The Rovers, and some old friends join in the celebrations.

Resist everything.... except temptation.

– Ken Barlow


David helps out a fellow inmate by distracting a prison officer. But how will he react when he's offered a favour in return?

I'm getting out soon, so I don't wanna take the risk.

– David Platt

Preview Clips: Monday 7th October

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Will Asha come clean about her problems when Dev takes her to see Dr Gaddas?

What about you? Do you want to stop?

– Doctor Gaddas


A distraught Maria attempts to save her relationship, but will a drug addled Ali be receptive to her pleas?

You know what Maria, you're dragging me down. I don't love you.

– Ali Neeson

Preview Clips: Friday 4th October

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

How will Dev react when he discovers the truth about Asha's secret skin lightening obsession?

No more lies, show me your arm?

– Dev Alahan

Ali, Maria, Ryan and Alya go for dinner at Michelle’s. Will the girls manage to get Michelle to be honest about her experiences with Ray?

The boss is a bit... handsy.

– Michelle Connor

Preview Clips: Wednesday 2nd October

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Maria goes to thank Gary for helping earlier and offers to return the favour. Does Gary sense a spark between them?

I know you weren't, I'm offering.

– Maria Connor


As Robert, Ali and Ryan plan a dinner date, Kevin is hit by a bombshell from his visiting sister, Debbie.

You're gonna give away 200 grand? Are you mad?

– Kevin Webster