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Preview Clips: Friday 24th January

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Will Alya listen when Bethany warns her about how Ray behaved with Michelle?

I'm standing up to him. He tried to get Michelle to sleep with him.

– Bethany Platt


Tim is horrified when he pops into the Rovers and finds Charlie working behind the bar!

What is she up to?

You said it was really difficult to get a job round here and I got a job in no time. How good is that eh?

– Charlie Wood

Preview Clips: Wednesday 22nd January

Coming up on the cobbles...


When the police search Jade’s house for Hope, Jade insists she knows nothing about her sister's disappearance.

Is she telling the truth?

You're wasting your time, you should be out there looking for her.

– Jade Rowan


How will Sarah react when Maria and Gary proudly show off their scan photo in The Rovers?

You think that I'm jealous? Maria I feel sorry for you.

– Sarah Platt

Preview Clips: Monday 20th January

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When Bernie tells Paul that she's going to keep fighting to find and bring Kel down, what will Paul do?

He thinks I should forget it, and move on with things.

– Paul Foreman


What will Abi say when a jealous Kevin makes a snide remark about her and Ray's relationship?

At least now I know now what you really think of me.

– Abi Franklin

Preview Clips: Friday 17th January

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David’s thrilled when Shona regains consciousness but will she be okay?

I don't know you...

– Shona Platt


Bernie lures Kel to the park by pretending to be be a young boy. How will he react to being caught out?

Who are you expecting, someone a bit younger?

– Bernie Winter

Preview Clips: Wednesday 15th January

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Roy agrees to help Nina with her college project and starts reminiscing about Hayley. Could this be the start of a warming between them?

She was my rudder, and now she's gone.

– Roy Cropper


What sentence will Fiz receive after she pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a licence?

Oh get on with it, if you've got bad news just spit it out.

– Evelyn Plummer

Preview Clips: Monday 13th January

Coming up on the cobbles...


Steve confides in Liz over what happened between Tracy and Paula. Can his mum offer some much needed relationship advice?

You say you love her, prove it.

– Liz McDonald


Cathy over-hears the way that Geoff talks to Yasmeen! Have his devious actions finally been found out?

Since when does it take seven minutes to go to the shop?

– Geoff Metcalfe