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Preview Clips: Friday 20th December

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7.30pm - Hour Long Episode

Jenny goes to pick up Rita for their trip to the Winter Wonderland but the excitement evaporates when Rita takes offence at being treated like a charity case. Will she be okay?

Consider me done.

– Rita Tanner

Nick and Sarah discuss the money they're raising to buy the factory from Derek, but Gary corners him and insists otherwise. Is this all going to end badly?

Just remember, I know where you wife and kids live.

– Gary Windass

Preview Clips: Wedneday 18th December

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Michael invites Grace and Tianna for Christmas. She refuses but agrees to attend his grand reopening of the Winter Wonderland. Will he get his Christmas wish?

Always listen to your dad...

– Ed Bailey


Reeling from the death of Richard, Roy persuades Nina to come and stay at his, but how will she react when Carla accidentally reveals her father died alone.

Hold on, are you saying my dad was alone?

– Nina Lucas

Preview Clips: Monday 16th December

Coming up on Coronation Street...


Robert lashes out when he hears that the Bistro is for sale, only to be interrupted by DS MacKinnon with some new evidence... Is Robert in even more hot water?

You said you didn't go anywhere near the woods the night before your wedding... Are you sure about that?

– DS MacKinnon


The team from Freshco arrive at Gemma and Chesney's house for the first photoshoot with the quads, but will it go according to plan?

It's already changed me being a mum...

– Gemma Winter