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National Television Awards

The votes are in, the viewers have spoken and Britain’s best-loved programmes and performers are lined up on the shortlist for the 25th Anniversary National Television Awards!

Coronation Street is nominated in the Serial Drama category, watch the montage above to remind yourself of all the incredible moments from across the year!


But that's not Coronation Street's only nomination...

Preview Clips: Friday 10th January

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Aggie confides in Roy about the reason she gave up nursing. Will Roy be able to offer her advice?

I couldn't cope, started doubting myself...

– Aggie Bailey


Having enjoyed a shopping trip, how will Geoff react when Yasmeen suggests meeting Cathy in one of her new outfits?

It would spare us any more of Brian's gripping tales.

– Geoff Metcalfe

Preview Clips: Wednesday 8th January

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Gemma and Chesney on a comfy bed, in a quiet room, without the quads? What could possibly go wrong?

40 winks... undisturbed by crying, feeding and changing nappies.

– Chesney Brown


How will Amy feel when she discovers Leanne now also knows what Tracy has been up to..?

Men eh.. men, what are they good for?

– Leanne Battersby

Preview Clips: Monday 6th January

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7.30pm (Hour Long)

Jade secretly books an appointment with Dr Gaddas where she shows her the pictures of Hope’s bruises... Will her plan work?

I mean... kids fall over all time. They're rough. But I've been with Hope, she's never had them when she's with me.

– Jade Rowan

David, Max and Lily visit Shona, and prepare for the worst. Will she manage to pull through?

We have to stick together. Right? We have to be strong for each other.

– David Platt

Preview Clips: Friday 3rd January

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7.30pm (1 hr episode)

As Josh’s trial begins, David takes to the stand and painful memories resurface.

Will David get justice this time?

It seemed natural that we'd knock about, but I had no idea he was grooming me.

– David Platt

Peter talks to Daniel about how he's coping. Will he really believe him?

There's no reason why we can't just put it all behind us, and remain good friends.

– Daniel Osbourne

Preview Clips: Wednesday 1st January

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8.00pm (1 hr episode)

Happy New Year!

Amy, Ken and Steve await Tracy getting out of her bed. But is it her bed that she's in?

I'd leave her as long as possible. You know what she's like on a hangover.

– Amy Barlow

Jade promises to take Hope to the doctor’s about her sore arm. What is she planning?

She might get angry with you again.

– Jade Rowan