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Preview Clips: Friday 15th February

Coming up on Coronation Street...


Vicky is on a charm offensive as she tries to persuade Robert to give Tyler a job and offers Amy some pregnancy advice. Will anyone give her the time of day?

You're joking aren't you?

– Robert Preston


Tyrone and Kevin play detective in a bid to find Tyrone's secret admirer. Could it be Jenny!?

Oh my God, Tyrone's really into me!

– Jenny Connor

Preview Clips: Wednesday 13th February

Coming up on Coronation Street...


Gemma’s idea of making tea for Chesney and Joseph doesn’t go quite to plan when she burns her hand and swears in front of Joseph!


– Gemma Winter


Peter's boat is on set on fire with Simon still on board! Will they be able to get him out in time!?

Help me Dad!

– Simon Barlow

Preview Clips: Monday 11th February

Coming up on the cobbles...


Shona is horrified to discover that someone broke in and filmed her and David while they slept!

Will she be intimidated by the threats from Clayton?

What do you think is going to happen to me if you go shooting your mouth off to the police?

– Clayton Hibbs


Carla lands herself in a the firing line after Peter reveals that Abi won't be going sailing with him after all...

You're an arrogant cow, do you know that!

– Abi Franklin