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Preview Clips: Friday 6th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


When Derek calls by the furniture shop and desperately begs for a £3k loan, how will a furious Gary respond?

If I see you round here again, you'll regret it.

– Gary Windass


With her Edinburgh trip cancelled, Rita calls at the Kabin with the intention of returning to work.

How will she react when she discovers Brian’s already hired Gail in her absence?

Just a break mind... I'll be back!

– Rita Tanner

Preview Clips: Wednesday 4th December

Coming up on the cobbles...


The big day arrives as Robert and the others await Michelle's arrival.

Will she go through with her plan for revenge?

Are you sure you want to do this?

– Carla Connor


Everyone is terrified when Paul does a disappearing act. Will he have come to a decision when he arrives back at the cafe?

While I was out I came to a decision.

– Paul Foreman

Preview Clips: Monday 2nd December

Coming up on the cobbles...


When Evelyn quizzes Jade about her new job she remains tightlipped, but how will she react when she says goodbye to Hope?

Is this the last we'll see of her?

You too sweetheart. Call me later.

– Jade Rowan


How will Vicky respond when Robert goes to her house and forbids her from going near the wedding ceremony?

You're warning me. You mean you're threatening me?

– Vicky Jefferies

Preview Clips: Friday 29th November

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7.30pm (1 hour episode)

Michelle tells Carla about her wedding plans. Will she help plot her revenge on Robert!?

Are you out of your tiny mind?

– Carla Connor

Steve's disappointed that Emma has decided to spend Christmas in Australia with Fiona. Can Amy change her mind?

You do what you need to do and we'll have the tofu turkey when you get back.

– Steve McDonald

Preview Clips: Wednesday 27th November

Coming up on the cobbles...


Roy is shocked to see Richard looking so frail, but how will he respond when Richard asks him to look after Nina when he's gone?

It would be nice to know she'll be okay. That someone would be looking out for her?

– Richard Lucas


Fiz blows her top when she discovers matches hidden in Hope's doll! Will there be consequences?

Who would hide matches in a doll? Any ideas Hope?

– Fiz Brown