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Who's first to leave the ice?

No one wants to be skating home first, but unfortunately one couple had to say goodbye tonight. Following the public vote, one fantastic pair bid farewell to the competition for good... click play to find out who.

Even Gravity can't hold Wes down...

OK, not literally... but Wes was practically flying across the ice in his first ever skate! The Islander delivered a fast routine full to the brim with feels, all while actual fire was burning between him and pro partner Vanessa.

Hit play and watch their impressive routine all over again!

Express Yourself, Saira!

The Ice Panel became the Loose Women panel in Sunday night's show, as Saira strutted her stuff on the ice for the first time. She brought, fun, sass and some serious shapes to her debut routine - and even tried out some very bold tricks - all to the sound of Madonna.