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Week 8 recap

This Sunday, Dancing on Ice went to the movies... if the movies were, um, all about ice skating. Which some of them are! After a stunning group performance starring our brilliant Dan Whiston, it was time to get down to the business of finding out who'd be going through to the semi-finals...

The first feature in our quintuple bill starred Joe & Alex, in a super dramatic James Bond-themed skate. The Ice Panel gave them 8.5s across the board for a total of 34 points - looks like Joe was the man with the golden skates!

Next up, Libby & Mark performed an irresistibly joyful routine to 'The Bare Necessities' from The Jungle Book, and if this skate didn't leave you with a giant smile on your face we don't know what would! The Judges gave them 35.5 points.

Perri & Vanessa brought all the magic of Hogwarts to the ice rink with their Harry Potter themed skate - complete with a flying broomstick! Honestly magical. The Judges agreed, awarding the very first 10s of the competition - Perri & Vanessa got 39.5 points, a series high and an almost perfect score!

Everyone loves a good romcom, and Lisa & Tom's was inspired by a brilliant one - their routine brought the Bridget Jones' Diary vibes, with Matt Evers providing the third point in their love triangle. The Ice Panel gave them a total of 31.5 points.

The romance continued into Ben & Carlotta's skate, as they performed to Titanic's tear-jerking 'My Heart Will Go On'. Their absolutely gorgeous routine bagged them 37 points, but those scores weren't final just yet...

This week, our skaters had the opportunity to grab a few more points in an epic prom-themed skate battle! Following the group skate, the Judges awarded Perri & Vanessa an extra 5 points, Ben & Carlotta an extra 4 points, Libby & Mark an extra 3 points, Joe & Alex an extra 2 points, and Lisa & Tom an extra 1 point.

Following the public vote, Libby & Mark and Lisa & Tom found themselves in the skate-off. And after two more amazing skates, it was time for the Judges to choose who'd leave in fifth place... They unanimously decided to save Libby & Mark, meaning Lisa & Tom left the competition this week.

And that means we've got our semi-finalists! Next week, Ben & Carlotta, Joe & Alex, Libby & Mark and Perri & Vanessa will battle it out for those much-coveted spots in the final. It's going to be a close one...