Alex Beresford

Whose story ends in Fairytale Week?

It's the week everyone wants to get their happy ever after, but for one of our couples, the dream had to end. But who? Watch to see who narrowly missed out on their magic carpet ride straight to the Semi-Final.

Is Alex your King of the ice?

It’s Fairytale Week and Alex has claimed his crown as ruler of the rink - he’s even got a golden throne to prove it! But is he your new ice king? Watch his rather royal routine and make your mind up.

All aboard the Alex express!

How does Alex get to the ice on a Sunday? By train by the looks of it! Luckily he got off at the right stop to treat us to this great skate - and we're sure he'll be keeping his fingers crossed it's a return journey for next week.

Stroll along the ice with Alex

OK, this routine may be more of a high-speed skate than a stroll, but Alex makes the whole thing look like a leisurely walk in the park. Or a ramble along the Thames, we should probably say...