Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton takes a tumble on the ice

Earlier this week, Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton fell on the ice during training and as a precaution was taken to a nearby hospital. He has since been released and is now resting ahead of the live show this weekend.

Speaking about his tumble, Antony said: "On Wednesday, Brandee and I were training for this week's show when we lost our balance and both fell backwards onto the ice. Luckily, Brandee was uninjured but I was taken to hospital where I discovered I had fractured a couple of ribs, front and back."

"But the show must go on and as such, we are going to do our best to continue in the Dancing on Ice competition this Sunday. Hopefully the painkillers and sequins will see us through."

We're keeping our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, and hope to see Antony back in his skates very soon!

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