Week 1 recap

The scores from our first week of skating are in! Here's how things stand at the moment...

Joe & Alexandra

Joe & Alexandra's roller disco stylings earned them 21.5 points from our Ice Panel.

Perri & Vanessa

Perri & Vanessa were suited and booted for their 20s throwback skate, and were awarded 27.5 points.

Lisa & Tom

Lisa & Tom made us all feel super romantic, and their dreamy skate bagged them 26.5 points.

Ben & Carlotta

Ben & Carlotta were simply magical (with a tiny wobble at the end, but who's counting?), and our Judges gave them 22.5 points.

Trisha & Łukasz

Trisha broke our hearts a little bit when she took a tumble, but she and Łukasz got right back up and finished their adorable performance, earning 13.5 points from our Ice Panel.

H & Matt

There wasn't a dry eye in the house after H & Matt's performance, and they finished the night with 25 points.

Come back next week, when another six Celebs will perform for the Judges - and two couples will face the skate-off!