Kem’s Cabin gets a Christmas makeover!

Shhh… can you hear that? Doesn’t it kind of sound like… jingle bells?

Christmas is right around the corner now (seriously, it’s SO CLOSE) so Kem’s Cabin has been given a little dose of Christmas spirit. Want to take a look around?

Chair and sofa in Kem's Cabin

Snowy mini-Christmas trees, classy red and gold baubles, and some super shiny red tinsel… surrounding the comfiest chair imaginable (thanks to Baastool). A Christmas dream!

And aren’t you totally in love with that metal tree (thanks to Charlton Island)?

Sofa and decorations in Kem's Cabin

Here’s a Kem’s-eye view! Check out the adorable Christmassy bird and reindeer (both thanks to Melody Maison).

And that plush blue sofa (thanks to Sofology) won’t stay empty for long, because Kem’s Cabin will soon be welcoming lots of special guests...

Sofa and cushions in Kem's cabin

Kem's visitors will be comfy as can be on that snug Mongolian throw (thanks to Beautify).

And that extra bit of sparkle on the cushions (thanks to Charlton Island and Baastool) should get them right in the festive mood!

K letter block and tree

Ready for the detail shots? Here’s a little reminder that this is Kem’s Cabin, after all.

Ice skate and star decorations

No-one could say our Christmas decorations weren’t bang on theme (thanks to Melody Maison).

Stag decoration

No antler left un-baubled (thanks to Melody Maison).

Can't get enough of Kem's Cabin? Keep an eye on our social channels for some proper Christmas mayhem, Dancing on Ice style!

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