Dancing on Ice

Oh what a night! 12 magical moments from Week 5

Our hosts drove their way onto the ice!
Donna and Mark treated us to a sassy Samba-infused skate
It was an emotional routine from Jake and Vanessa, who bagged the highest score of the series!
Lemar and Melody brought the heat this week - and avoided another Skate Off!
It was glitter galore from Antony and Brandee
Kem and Alex turned Dancing on Ice into Breakdancing on Ice
Alex took a tumble, but Brianne helped him recover like a pro
Brooke and Matej showed off their first slow skate
A dazzling performance from Cheryl and Dan, but they ended up in the Skate Off
They faced Donna and Mark, who charmed the judges with their routine
Everyone had nothing but love for Cheryl as she left the competition
Dancing on Ice