Week 2 recap

We're two weeks in, all of our couples have now skated for the Judges, and we've even had our first skate-off (which means, sadly, one couple has already left the competition).

Let's recap how it all went down...

Maura & Alexander

Maura & Alexander's tropical vibes earned them a solid 22 points from the Judges.

Lucrezia & Brendyn

The headline moment of Lucrezia & Brendyn's skate was that dazzling spin at the end... but the Ice Panel said they wanted to see Lucrezia spend more time with her skates on the ice, and gave them 18 points.

Kevin & Brianne

Bringing not just his footballing skills but an actual bejewelled football to the rink, Kevin and his partner Brianne scored 18.5 points overall.

Caprice & Hamish

All high drama and elegance, Caprice & Hamish earned themselves 25.5 points from our Judges.

Radzi & Jess

Taking John's comments from last week about needing to improve to heart, Radzi and Jess brought some high energy fun to the ice, and were given 21 points.

Libby & Mark

The highest scores of the night (and the series so far) went to Libby & Mark, whose '50s high school sports day stylings won everyone's hearts - and 28 points!

Trisha & Łukasz and Lucrezia & Brendyn face the Ice Panel

Following the public vote, Lucrezia & Brendyn joined Trisha & Łukasz in the first skate-off of 2020. The Ice Panel chose to save Lucrezia & Brendyn, leaving us to say a fond farewell to Trisha & Łukasz. You were amazing, guys, we're gonna miss you.

This Sunday, all eleven Celebs and their partners will compete for the Judges - and for your vote! Plus it's Musicals on Ice week, which is shaping up to be amazing... See you then!