Week 5 recap

This week's show was even more magical than usual, because it was Fairytales on Ice! Our skaters transformed into creatures of myth and legend, and Disney On Ice brought their special brand of magic to the rink, too. Here's a look back at what happened...

Lisa & Tom

Lisa & Tom took inspiration from Goldilocks for their adorable routine, complete with three bears and plenty of porridge! A minor slip interrupted the skate briefly, but Lisa was soon back on her feet, and the Judges awarded them 27 points.

Ben & Carlotta

Ben & Carlotta went down the rabbit hole for a sweet Wonderland-inspired skate that earned them 30 points from the Ice Panel - their best score of the series so far.

H & Matt

Putting their own unique spin on Swan Lake, H & Matt were given 29 points by the Judges, which was a series high for them, too.

Kevin & Brianne

Someone rubbed a magic lamp and Kevin & Brianne jumped out! Their magical skate nabbed them 22.5 points from the Judges - their highest so far.

Maura & Alexander

Delving into the darker side of fairytales, Maura & Alexander wolfed out for a sultry skate that won them 28 points from the Ice Panel. And yes, you guessed it - that was their best score so far!

Joe & Alex

Joe & Alex took their inspiration from Sherwood Forest's most notorious outlaw, skating as Robin Hood & Maid Marian. They were given 29.5 points - yet another series best, as the competition starts to seriously hot up!

Perri & Vanessa

Topping the leaderboard for the third week running, Perri & Vanessa went all gothic for their skate, as gargoyle Perri magically came to life as lightning struck...

The Ice Panel gave them 35 points, the highest score anyone has received so far this series.

Week 5 skate off

Once the public votes were in, it was time for the skate-off - with H & Matt facing off against Kevin & Brianne. And after both pairs performed for the Judges, the Ice Panel decided that this week, they were going to save H & Matt. Sadly, that meant real-life fairytale couple Kevin & Brianne left the competition in 8th place.

For everyone else, it's straight back into rehearsals for next week's show...