Week 6 recap

An eye-popping celebration of all things dance, this week's show was truly stunning! The night kicked off with a glorious performance by our Pros, choreographed by Torvill & Dean, and that was only the beginning of the treats in store...

Joe & Alex

Joe & Alex skated like disco never died, performing to 'Boogie Wonderland' by Earth, Wind & Fire. Their exuberant routine included a series of connected roly-polys - the Judges were wowed enough to award them 32 points, their highest score so far!

H & Matt

H & Matt went for a Bob Fosse-inspired jazz routine, skating to Michael Bublé's 'Fever'. Their finger snaps and jazzy hats earned them 29.5 points from the Judges - 0.5 points higher than any of their other performances so far.

Libby & Mark

Libby & Mark made a triumphant return after a week out due to illness, skating salsa-style to 'I Like It Like That' by Pete Rodriguez. The Ice Panel definitely did like it like that too, awarding them 33 points, their best to date.

Lisa & Tom

Lisa & Tom tackled the tricky Charleston on ice, skating to 'Hot Honey Rag' from the Chicago Orchestra. They got 30 points from the Judges.

Perri & Vanessa

Perri & Vanessa's jive skate was their most ambitious yet, leaving everyone bowled over. The Ice Panel gave them an impressive 38 points out of 40, another series high!

Ben & Carlotta

Ben & Carlotta's skate might have been the most unexpected of the night, taking inspiration from Morris dancing - complete with a maypole on the ice! The Judges gave them 31 points, which was also their highest score so far.

Maura and Alexander

Maura & Alexander gave us another series first, becoming the first couple to perform a headbanger as part of their flamenco-inspired skate to 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by Santa Esmeralda. They earned themselves 30.5 points from the Judges.

Skate off couples

After the public vote, two couples faced the dreaded skate-off: H & Matt, and Ben & Carlotta. Both put in bravura performances, but the Ice Panel could only choose to save one couple. They picked Ben & Carlotta, meaning H & Matt skated off in seventh place.

Can you believe we've already had six live shows? The competition is closer than ever as we head towards our seventh...