Week 7 recap

This week, it was alllllllll about the props. We’ve seen our skaters use props in other weeks, of course – but this week, the Judges wanted to see them fully incorporated into the choreography. Definitely not as easy as it seems! Let’s recap…

Libby & Mark

Libby & Mark were first up, skating to Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’… with a suitcase! Their adorable routine bagged them 33.5 points from the Ice Panel.

Joe & Alex

Next, Joe & Alex skated with a candy cane – which doubled as an oar, a golf club, and a skipping rope at various points during their routine! Performing to ‘Candy’ by Robbie Williams, their skate was super sweet, and earned them 34 points.

Maura & Alexander

Maura & Alexander’s prop was a broom, and they skated to ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ by Alesha Dixon. Their routine left the rink squeaky clean, and the Judges gave them 30 points.

Ben & Carlotta

Ben & Carlotta gave us the second headbanger of the series – and theirs included an umbrella! Their skate to Cliff Richard’s ‘Summer Holiday’ was a cheeky tribute to classic British beach holidays, and they got their best score ever – 36 points!

Lisa & Tom

A quick trip over the channel brought us Lisa & Tom’s Parisian romance, as they skated to ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Louis Armstrong using a chair as a prop. A slip near the end might have brought their total down slightly, but they still scored an impressive 31.5 points.

Perri & Vanessa

Finally, Perri & Vanessa skated with a shopping trolley – talk about unexpected items in the bagging area! Their energetic routine to Fatboy Slim’s ‘The Rockafeller Skank’ was given 38 point by the Judges, matching the overall best score so far.

facing the skate off

After the public vote, Libby & Mark and Maura & Alexander found themselves facing the skate-off. Two gorgeous performances later, the Judges had to make a truly tricky decision – but after much agonising, they saved Libby & Mark, meaning Maura & Alexander left the competition in sixth place.

And it’s straight back into rehearsals for everyone else, because next Sunday is Movies Week! Start counting the hours now…