Week 8 recap

This Sunday, Dancing on Ice went to the movies... if the movies were, um, all about ice skating. Which some of them are! After a stunning group performance starring our brilliant Dan Whiston, it was time to get down to the business of finding out who'd be going through to the semi-finals...

Joe & Alex

The first feature in our quintuple bill starred Joe & Alex, in a super dramatic James Bond-themed skate. The Ice Panel gave them 8.5s across the board for a total of 34 points - looks like Joe was the man with the golden skates!

Libby & Mark

Next up, Libby & Mark performed an irresistibly joyful routine to 'The Bare Necessities' from The Jungle Book, and if this skate didn't leave you with a giant smile on your face we don't know what would! The Judges gave them 35.5 points.

Perri & Vanessa

Perri & Vanessa brought all the magic of Hogwarts to the ice rink with their Harry Potter themed skate - complete with a flying broomstick! Honestly magical. The Judges agreed, awarding the very first 10s of the competition - Perri & Vanessa got 39.5 points, a series high and an almost perfect score!

Lisa & Tom

Everyone loves a good romcom, and Lisa & Tom's was inspired by a brilliant one - their routine brought the Bridget Jones' Diary vibes, with Matt Evers providing the third point in their love triangle. The Ice Panel gave them a total of 31.5 points.

Ben & Carlotta

The romance continued into Ben & Carlotta's skate, as they performed to Titanic's tear-jerking 'My Heart Will Go On'. Their absolutely gorgeous routine bagged them 37 points, but those scores weren't final just yet...

Footloose skate

This week, our skaters had the opportunity to grab a few more points in an epic prom-themed skate battle! Following the group skate, the Judges awarded Perri & Vanessa an extra 5 points, Ben & Carlotta an extra 4 points, Libby & Mark an extra 3 points, Joe & Alex an extra 2 points, and Lisa & Tom an extra 1 point.

skate off couples

Following the public vote, Libby & Mark and Lisa & Tom found themselves in the skate-off. And after two more amazing skates, it was time for the Judges to choose who'd leave in fifth place... They unanimously decided to save Libby & Mark, meaning Lisa & Tom left the competition this week.

Ice Panel

And that means we've got our semi-finalists! Next week, Ben & Carlotta, Joe & Alex, Libby & Mark and Perri & Vanessa will battle it out for those much-coveted spots in the final. It's going to be a close one...