Welcome back to Kem's Cabin!

New year, new cabin! Okay, new year, same cabin, but Kem's Cabin is back, and it's had a makeover. Come on in, take a look around...

A super snuggly soft chair (thanks to BaaStool), the most stylish cushions (thanks to Claire Elsworth Design, Charlton Island and BaaStool), and somewhere to put your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage of choice (thanks to Sweet Pea & Willow). Dreamy.

Only the best for Kem's guests: a sleek, velvety sofa (thanks to Sofology) plus an assortment of covetable cushions and throws (thanks to Soak & Sleep and Beautify).

Ever feel like you're being watched? This classy giraffe portrait only wants the best for our guests. Probably. (Thanks to Mineheart).

And it just wouldn't be Kem's Cabin without Stanley the stag (thanks to Melody Maison).

So... now all Kem needs are some visitors! Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest from Kem and his Cabin, across all Dancing on Ice social channels.

Polar Bear Sheepskin Chair - BaaStool.comGrey Mongolian Faux Fur Throw - Beautify.co.ukAviva Stanoff Suri Alpaca in Plata - CharltonIsland.comBotanical Delphine Cushion - ClaireElsworthDesign.comPeacock Max Placement Cushion - ClaireElsworthDesign.comTulipomania Cushion - ClaireElsworthDesign.comArtificial Succulent Plant in Pineapple Pot - MelodyMaison.co.ukAntique Gold Metal Wall Mounted Stag Head - MelodyMaison.co.ukDame Giralda Canvas - Mineheart.comPrincess Flaminia Canvas - Mineheart.comSenora Emanuela Canvas - Mineheart.comOpera Coffee Table - SweetPeaAndWillow.comHoneycomb Throw - SoakAndSleep.comSoft Check Throw - SoakAndSleep.comCricket Sofa - Sofology.co.uk