Brooke Vincent

Brooke's Semi-Final skate is very close to home

In Week 9, each of our couples were challenged to skate to a song with a strong personal connection - and you can't get much more personal than Brooke's. She chose to pay tribute to her home city of Manchester with a moving routine to an Ariana Grande anthem.

Brooke brings the Girl Power!

As the last girl left in the competition, Brooke is well and truly doing it for her skating sisters. So what better track to show off her skills in the Semi-Final than a bit of Spice Girls? Hit play to watch her swing it, shake it, move it and make it...

You'll be blown away by Brooke

No, we're not just talking about the fierce wind machine (Brookeoncé, anyone?), but the epic skate she pulled out for Love Week. It's bold, powerful and features some show-stopping lifts. Enjoy!