Gemma Collins

Gemma's a Survivor!

She's a survivor, she's not gonna give up, she's not gonna stop, she's gonna work harder!

The GC put plenty of power into her latest skate as she fought for her place on the ice in Week 6.

  • Gemma Collins

We're spellbound by Gemma's performance

We already know Gemma's queen of the ice, and now she's using her powers to cast a spell on her fellow skaters! Because if you can't bring a sprinkle of magic to the rink in Fairytales Week, when can you?

  • Gemma Collins

Gemma channels Celine for Week 4

A far cry from her sassy skates of the past, Gemma's gone all serious on us with this atmospheric routine. It's moody, it's mysterious and it all starts with a cape. What more could you want?

  • Gemma Collins

Gemma dazzles like a diamond in Week 3

It's true, diamonds are a girl's best friend - especially if you're the GC!

She unleashed her inner diva with one glamorous skate for Musicals Week, complete with some dashing gents at her beck and call. We'll gladly borrow them when you're done, Gemma!

  • Gemma Collins

Move over Beyoncé... The GC has arrived

Did someone order a fierce skate with a side of serious sass?

If anyone can deliver a diva-tastic routine to a Queen Bey banger, it's gotta be Gemma Collins! She's got the outfit, the attitude, but has she got the moves? Watch to find out!

Gemma Collins

The GC is coming to Dancing on Ice - and she’s bringing all the glamour of Essex with her!

Reality TV royalty, self-professed diva and meme queen Gemma Collins is getting her skates on for 2019, and we’re sure she’ll be fully embracing the tan, the sequins and all the sparkle that comes with the world of ice dancing.

So does the 37-year-old think she’s up for the challenge?

“I’m always dancing everywhere I go. I like to move my body, I like to be free. If I want to break out in to dance, then I’ll break out in to dance. I love dancing. Whether I can transfer that on to the ice, I don’t know,” she said.

We cannot wait to see your moves, Gemma! Helping her get to grips with the routines is professional skater Matt Evers - a Dancing on Ice legend who’s starred in every series to date and even lifted the trophy in 2008. But can this couple shimmy their way to the top spot in 2019?

  • Gemma Collins