Jake Quickenden

Jake performs Torvill and Dean's iconic Bolero

Challenges don't get much tougher than this... Our remaining two finalists had to perform Torvill and Dean's iconic Bolero routine, with the Olympic champions themselves watching their every move. No pressure or anything! Hit play to watch Jake's attempt.

Ouch! Jake gets injured in the Final week

It's the week everyone wants to be on top form, but unfortunately Jake has sustained an injury while training for this weekend's big Final.

Earlier this week, he dislocated his thumb and later went to hospital for treatment. Despite his injury, Jake's trooping ahead with training and is still set to skate this weekend with pro partner Vanessa.

We're keeping our fingers crossed he's feeling fighting fit for the Final and that thumb is back to its best soon!

  • Jake Quickenden

Jake gets our first (four) 10s of the series!

Our skating stars pulled out all the stops for the Semi-Final, and after watching Jake's skate, you'll see that he really gave it everything - and then some! There were lifts, twists and spins-aplenty, making for one of the most mesmerising routines we've ever witnessed.

Jake turns the ice Toxic

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest skater of them all? Jake’s grabbing for that king of the ice accolade with this enchanting routine to a Britney cult classic.

Let Jake entertain you!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… that’s right, the first Headbanger of the series! But it’s not just one ambitious move Jake nailed in Week 7 - his routine comes jam-packed with a whole range of amazing lifts, twists and jumps you just *have* to see.