Jake Quickenden

We can’t take our eyes off of Jake

If Jake didn't already make you swoon, wait until you see his Love Week routine. He's dressed to perfection and turning on all the charm as he glides across the ice. We just hope he's remembered to order us those flowers we asked for this Valentine's Day...

Jake gets the rink rocking!

We never thought an indie anthem and ice skating would mix, but Jake’s skate to this Jet tune is sure to have your inner rockstar reaching for the air guitar in seconds.

Jake Quickenden

After two turns on The X Factor and a trip to the jungle for I’m A Celeb, it's finally time to get hunky Jake onto the ice!

The 28-year-old from Scunthorpe sure can sing and yes he can eat bugs too, but how are his crossovers and camel spins?

That's technical ice skating terminology, obvs.

Jake said: "I’m terrified. I had my first training session yesterday - I was freezing! Ice is cold! But it was amazing, the coaches are unbelievable. I just feel so lucky that I’ve been asked to do it. I’m so buzzing, I can’t even explain. It’s my mum's favourite! I’ve been wearing Danielle’s tights to get used to the lycra!”

Bring on the sparkly sequins and leap into that lycra, Jake!

His partner for 2018 is figure skater Vanessa Bauer, who is one of our youngest pros at just 21 years old!

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