James Jordan

James has a Yabba Dabba Do time on the ice!

Say hello to a new kind of modern stone age family (on ice, of course)... it's James and Alexandra!

For Time Tunnel Week, they took us all the way back to the prehistoric era with a tribute to iconic TV show The Flintstones - and they even brought THAT car with them!

  • James Jordan

James earns his (White) Stripes in Week 7

Hats off to James, he's delivered yet another sensational skate! And not only is his outfit perfectly matched to Alexandra's, but his moves are too. It's like they spoke before going on the ice or something?!

  • James Jordan

We're catching feels from James' skate!

We didn't think he could top his Fairytales Week routine, but James definitely outdid himself with this heartfelt skate. Believe us, it's going to hit you with aaaaall the emotions.

No we're not crying, you are...

  • James Jordan

James' Fairytale Week skate is a beauty

Ice dancing and classical music go hand in hand, and James paired the two perfectly in Week 5 with this gorgeous Sleeping Beauty themed routine.

He really does make the perfect prince - we'd let him sweep us off our skates any day!

  • James Jordan

James takes us to a Land of 1000 skates

We love an upbeat, feel-good routine, and that's exactly what James and Alexandra dished up in Week 4!

Can you do the Mashed Potato? Or how about the Alligator? Give it a go as you watch back their super fun skate.

  • James Jordan

It's a Phan-tastic performance from James!

He's already proved he can dance on ice, but can James do it with a mask covering half his face? While swinging a cape around? And did we mention there's a boat involved? It's only Week 3, but it seems he's up for the challenge...

  • James Jordan

James CAN dance on ice!

It may only be Week 1, but it's fair to say James has knocked it out of the park! Or should that be the rink?

Despite a wobbly start to training, it's clear he's finally nailed those skating basics - and then some!

  • James Jordan