Jane Danson

Hallelujah, we love Jane so!

Cute, kitsch and oh-so sweet, Jane totally scooped us up with her Week 7 routine - and Sylvain was the cherry on top! Anyone else really fancy an ice cream after watching this?

  • Jane Danson

Jane's got Love on the Brain

This skate really hit all the right notes!

Starting their performance upon a grand piano, Jane and Sylvain were perfectly in tune as they brought a really rather romantic routine to the ice.

  • Jane Danson

It's a Kinda Magic skate for Jane!

Put your hooves in the air for Jane's skate, because it was bigger, better and brighter than a rainbow!

Unicorns may be a myth, but her fun routine was 100 per cent fairytale realness.

  • Jane Danson

It's an emotional second skate for Jane

Jane Dreamed a Dream of being a magnificent ice dancer one day... and that dream came true tonight!

Watch back her elegant Week 3 routine to a legendary Les Miserables tune, and prepare yourself to feel all the emotions.

  • Jane Danson

Jane goes skating in the street!

The ice may be a bit different to the cobbles of Corrie, but Jane looks just as comfortable with her skates on as she does wandering around Weatherfield. After this impressive performance, we're tempted to rename the show Danson on Ice!

Jane Danson

Straight outta Weatherfield, soap star Jane Danson is trading the cobbles of Corrie for the ice!

She’s been on our screens for almost 20 years as Coronation Street’s formidable Leanne Battersby, and now we’ll get to see the 40-year-old in a whole new light. But what is she most looking forward to? A full glitz and glamour makeover ahead of her skating debut, of course!

“It’s great because I live in a house full of boys so I haven’t got any of that! I’m quite girly so to get all that side of it, I’m looking forward to that,” she said.

Don’t you worry Jane, you’ll be shimmering on the ice in no time! She’ll be gliding into the competition as pro skater Sylvain Longchambon’s fifth soap star partner to date.

  • Jane Danson