Viva La Lemar!

Nothing can stop our all-singing, all-skating star – Lemar’s bounced back from two Skate Offs with his biggest, boldest routine to date, and it looks like he's ready to rule the world.

Will Lemar go far?

Right back to his Fame Academy days, we always knew Lemar had soul. Now he's on the ice and our very own soul man is tackling the 60s classic 'Soul Man'.


He just wants to dance, dance, dance… on ice. That’s right, soul singer Lemar is joining the Dancing on Ice family for 2018!

He may have stepped up to the challenge a little later than his fellow celebs, taking Monty Panesar’s spot after he bowed out due to an injury, but he’s just as excited to slip into his skates.

Lemar said: “I want to learn a new skill, but in everything I do in life, I push myself to 100 per cent. So whatever my 100 per cent is, I will be giving that. Hopefully it’ll see me through!”

But will he see the competition through right to the very end? Right about now we’re 50/50…

Lemar will be paired with French skating pro Melody Le Moal, who’s known for her show-stopping stunts on the ice. If there’s any justice in the world, we’ll see Lemar try out a few too!

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