Mark Little

Mark Little

Everybody needs good neighbours... and we’ve knocked on Mark Little’s door for 2019!

The Aussie soap star and comedian has been on British screens for decades, famously playing the role of Joe Mangel in Neighbours, as well as fronting The Big Breakfast and touring his own comedy shows. But Dancing on Ice is no laughing matter, and he’s taking taking extra precautions as he gets into training.

“My biggest fear, honestly, is the safety of my partner,” he said. “I’m not fearful of it, but I’m concerned that I look after my skate partner and don’t hurt them. I might have to lift, but the women have to be lifted and I think being lifted is scarier than lifting!”

Well, if Mark ever feels up to it, he’ll be lifting his pro skating partner Brianne Delcourt. The former winner is back for another year and will be guiding Mark on his way to skating success!

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