Week 3 recap

Have you managed to get Sunday's super catchy Musicals Week songs out of your head yet? We haven't! But let's stop singing for a bit and look back at everything that happened in Week 3's episode...

Absolutely no parades were rained on in the making of our massive group opening number.

Lisa & Tom went all Wild West on us! Their skate to 'The Deadwood Stage' from Calamity Jane earned them 28 points from the Ice Panel.

Channelling Fred and Ginger, Kevin & Brianne's romantic skate to Top Hat's 'Cheek To Cheek' bagged them 22 points.

Lucrezia & Brendyn brought summer vibes to their 'Mamma Mia' skate, and were awarded 21 points by the Judges.

Dreamgirls provided the soundtrack for Maura & Alexander's sparkly skate, as they performed to 'One Night Only'. The Ice Panel gave them 25 points.

A little bit of magic and a lot of hairspray helped Ben & Carlotta skate their way to 24 points, via 'Sandy' from Grease.

Joe & Alexandra skated down the Yellow Brick Road to see the Wizard, and he - or rather, Ashley, John, Jayne and Chris - gave them 20.5 points.

Libby & Mark transformed into Jellicle cats for their skate to 'Memory', and were awarded 28 points.

Radzi & Jess skated through the swamp and got 24.5 points - though if there was an award for the biggest eyebrows of the night, Radzi could've won that one too.

H & Matt took us to 'The Other Side' with a performance worthy of The Greatest Showman, for a total of 26.5 points.

Perri & Vanessa's Lion King skate was roarsome - and they set a new high score for the series, with 32 points.

After the Judges had their say and the results of the public vote were in, Kevin & Brianne and Lucrezia & Brendyn faced the skate-off. And though it was a difficult decision, the Ice Panel ultimately chose to save Kevin & Brianne, leaving Lucrezia & Brendyn to skate off into the sunset.

For everyone else, though? The end of one show just means the beginning of preparations for the next one. See you back here on Sunday?

Week 2 recap

We're two weeks in, all of our couples have now skated for the Judges, and we've even had our first skate-off (which means, sadly, one couple has already left the competition).

Let's recap how it all went down...

Maura & Alexander's tropical vibes earned them a solid 22 points from the Judges.

The headline moment of Lucrezia & Brendyn's skate was that dazzling spin at the end... but the Ice Panel said they wanted to see Lucrezia spend more time with her skates on the ice, and gave them 18 points.

Bringing not just his footballing skills but an actual bejewelled football to the rink, Kevin and his partner Brianne scored 18.5 points overall.

All high drama and elegance, Caprice & Hamish earned themselves 25.5 points from our Judges.

Taking John's comments from last week about needing to improve to heart, Radzi and Jess brought some high energy fun to the ice, and were given 21 points.

The highest scores of the night (and the series so far) went to Libby & Mark, whose '50s high school sports day stylings won everyone's hearts - and 28 points!

Following the public vote, Lucrezia & Brendyn joined Trisha & Łukasz in the first skate-off of 2020. The Ice Panel chose to save Lucrezia & Brendyn, leaving us to say a fond farewell to Trisha & Łukasz. You were amazing, guys, we're gonna miss you.

This Sunday, all eleven Celebs and their partners will compete for the Judges - and for your vote! Plus it's Musicals on Ice week, which is shaping up to be amazing... See you then!

Week 1 recap

The scores from our first week of skating are in! Here's how things stand at the moment...

Joe & Alexandra's roller disco stylings earned them 21.5 points from our Ice Panel.

Perri & Vanessa were suited and booted for their 20s throwback skate, and were awarded 27.5 points.

Lisa & Tom made us all feel super romantic, and their dreamy skate bagged them 26.5 points.

Ben & Carlotta were simply magical (with a tiny wobble at the end, but who's counting?), and our Judges gave them 22.5 points.

Trisha broke our hearts a little bit when she took a tumble, but she and Łukasz got right back up and finished their adorable performance, earning 13.5 points from our Ice Panel.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house after H & Matt's performance, and they finished the night with 25 points.

Come back next week, when another six Celebs will perform for the Judges - and two couples will face the skate-off!

Welcome back to Kem's Cabin!

New year, new cabin! Okay, new year, same cabin, but Kem's Cabin is back, and it's had a makeover. Come on in, take a look around...

A super snuggly soft chair (thanks to BaaStool), the most stylish cushions (thanks to Claire Elsworth Design, Charlton Island and BaaStool), and somewhere to put your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage of choice (thanks to Sweet Pea & Willow). Dreamy.

Only the best for Kem's guests: a sleek, velvety sofa (thanks to Sofology) plus an assortment of covetable cushions and throws (thanks to Soak & Sleep and Beautify).

Ever feel like you're being watched? This classy giraffe portrait only wants the best for our guests. Probably. (Thanks to Mineheart).

And it just wouldn't be Kem's Cabin without Stanley the stag (thanks to Melody Maison).

So... now all Kem needs are some visitors! Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest from Kem and his Cabin, across all Dancing on Ice social channels.

Polar Bear Sheepskin Chair -
Grey Mongolian Faux Fur Throw -
Aviva Stanoff Suri Alpaca in Plata -
Botanical Delphine Cushion -
Peacock Max Placement Cushion -
Tulipomania Cushion -
Artificial Succulent Plant in Pineapple Pot -
Antique Gold Metal Wall Mounted Stag Head -
Dame Giralda Canvas -
Princess Flaminia Canvas -
Senora Emanuela Canvas -
Opera Coffee Table -
Honeycomb Throw -
Soft Check Throw -
Cricket Sofa -

Kem’s Cabin gets a Christmas makeover!

Shhh… can you hear that? Doesn’t it kind of sound like… jingle bells?

Christmas is right around the corner now (seriously, it’s SO CLOSE) so Kem’s Cabin has been given a little dose of Christmas spirit. Want to take a look around?

Snowy mini-Christmas trees, classy red and gold baubles, and some super shiny red tinsel… surrounding the comfiest chair imaginable (thanks to Baastool). A Christmas dream!

And aren’t you totally in love with that metal tree (thanks to Charlton Island)?

Here’s a Kem’s-eye view! Check out the adorable Christmassy bird and reindeer (both thanks to Melody Maison).

And that plush blue sofa (thanks to Sofology) won’t stay empty for long, because Kem’s Cabin will soon be welcoming lots of special guests...

Kem's visitors will be comfy as can be on that snug Mongolian throw (thanks to Beautify).

And that extra bit of sparkle on the cushions (thanks to Charlton Island and Baastool) should get them right in the festive mood!

Ready for the detail shots? Here’s a little reminder that this is Kem’s Cabin, after all.

No-one could say our Christmas decorations weren’t bang on theme (thanks to Melody Maison).

No antler left un-baubled (thanks to Melody Maison).

Can't get enough of Kem's Cabin? Keep an eye on our social channels for some proper Christmas mayhem, Dancing on Ice style!

Polar Bear Sheepskin Chair -
Square Cushion in Silver -
Grey Mongolian Faux Fur Throw -
Metal Bauble Tree -
Cute Little Christmas Bird Ornament -
Resting Silver Reindeer Ornament -
Aviva Stanoff Baby Mermaid in Champagne Cushion -
Aviva Stanoff Teardrop in Pewter Cushion -
Fir Tree Ice Skates Christmas Ornament -
Silver Star Decoration -
Antique Gold Metal Wall Mounted Stag Head -
Cricket Sofa -

Michael Barrymore withdraws from Dancing on Ice

We're really sad to confirm that Michael Barrymore has had to withdraw from Dancing on Ice due to injury.

“Shortly after shooting the “Dancing On Ice” Christmas Special, I took a tumble whilst rehearsing for the January shows," he said. "After the fall, I thought I had sprained my wrist but it turns out that it is broken. Unfortunately, the medics have told me that I cannot compete. I am absolutely devastated. I have loved every second of the journey so far with my wonderful dance partner Alex Murphy."

Please join us in wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery.

Presenter Radzi Chinyanganya and his Pro partner Jessica Hatfield will be joining the show instead - welcome on board, guys!

Michael and his skating partner Alex Murphy will still be taking part in Dancing on Ice at Christmas, this Sunday at 7pm on ITV and STV.

The Dancing on Ice app is back!

With a shiny new look and plenty of exciting new features, the Dancing on Ice app is back and better than ever.

It’s your backstage pass to the show, with exclusive content keeping you up-to-date on all the latest news from the rinkside and plenty of unmissable fun with our Digital Presenter, Kem Cetinay.

There’ll also be interactive polls and quizzes so you can let us know whose outfits you’re loving and which song choices are your faves, then find out which skater would be your ideal partner.

You can even become a virtual part of the Ice Panel with our just-for-fun Rate The Skate feature - it’ll also help you keep track of whose performance you really loved and whose you just kinda liked, which should come in handy when it’s time to vote!

Speaking of voting, you get five free votes in the app too, so you can show your support for your faves.

And if you miss an episode, that’s no stress - you’ll find the link to watch (or rewatch!) the show right in the app.

Plus… well, we can’t tell you everything just yet, that’d spoil the fun! But you’re going to need this on your phone.

Go on, give it a download right now!

Download for iOS HERE
Download for Android HERE


If you thought the Celeb line-up was great, we’ve got another big announcement for you… our professional skaters for 2020!

The professionals skaters will consist of:
-Dancing On Ice OG and series favourite Matt Evers, who won the 2008 series
-Vanessa Bauer, who brings her impressive track record as the winner of series 10 and series 11 runner up
-Three husband and wife skaters, Carlotta Edwards and Alexander Demetriou, series 11 winner Alexandra Schauman and Lukasz Royzcki, and new skaters making their debut this year Brendyn Hatfield and Jessica Hatfield
-Also making his first appearance on Dancing on Ice, Tom Naylor (who is also a doctor and orthopaedic surgeon)
-Series veterans Brianne Delcourt and Mark Hanretty
-Returning for their third consecutive year, Alex Murphy and Hamish Gaman

Over the coming weeks, the professionals will be paired with the celebrity partners and begin training ahead of the first live show in the New Year, alongside Dancing on Ice at Christmas coming this December!

Also returning, Karen Barber as Head Coach with Dan Whiston as Associate Creative Director… we’re so excited for the new series!