Week 6 recap

An eye-popping celebration of all things dance, this week's show was truly stunning! The night kicked off with a glorious performance by our Pros, choreographed by Torvill & Dean, and that was only the beginning of the treats in store...

Joe & Alex skated like disco never died, performing to 'Boogie Wonderland' by Earth, Wind & Fire. Their exuberant routine included a series of connected roly-polys - the Judges were wowed enough to award them 32 points, their highest score so far!

H & Matt went for a Bob Fosse-inspired jazz routine, skating to Michael Bublé's 'Fever'. Their finger snaps and jazzy hats earned them 29.5 points from the Judges - 0.5 points higher than any of their other performances so far.

Libby & Mark made a triumphant return after a week out due to illness, skating salsa-style to 'I Like It Like That' by Pete Rodriguez. The Ice Panel definitely did like it like that too, awarding them 33 points, their best to date.

Lisa & Tom tackled the tricky Charleston on ice, skating to 'Hot Honey Rag' from the Chicago Orchestra. They got 30 points from the Judges.

Perri & Vanessa's jive skate was their most ambitious yet, leaving everyone bowled over. The Ice Panel gave them an impressive 38 points out of 40, another series high!

Ben & Carlotta's skate might have been the most unexpected of the night, taking inspiration from Morris dancing - complete with a maypole on the ice! The Judges gave them 31 points, which was also their highest score so far.

Maura & Alexander gave us another series first, becoming the first couple to perform a headbanger as part of their flamenco-inspired skate to 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by Santa Esmeralda. They earned themselves 30.5 points from the Judges.

After the public vote, two couples faced the dreaded skate-off: H & Matt, and Ben & Carlotta. Both put in bravura performances, but the Ice Panel could only choose to save one couple. They picked Ben & Carlotta, meaning H & Matt skated off in seventh place.

Can you believe we've already had six live shows? The competition is closer than ever as we head towards our seventh...

Week 5 recap

This week's show was even more magical than usual, because it was Fairytales on Ice! Our skaters transformed into creatures of myth and legend, and Disney On Ice brought their special brand of magic to the rink, too. Here's a look back at what happened...

Lisa & Tom took inspiration from Goldilocks for their adorable routine, complete with three bears and plenty of porridge! A minor slip interrupted the skate briefly, but Lisa was soon back on her feet, and the Judges awarded them 27 points.

Ben & Carlotta went down the rabbit hole for a sweet Wonderland-inspired skate that earned them 30 points from the Ice Panel - their best score of the series so far.

Putting their own unique spin on Swan Lake, H & Matt were given 29 points by the Judges, which was a series high for them, too.

Someone rubbed a magic lamp and Kevin & Brianne jumped out! Their magical skate nabbed them 22.5 points from the Judges - their highest so far.

Delving into the darker side of fairytales, Maura & Alexander wolfed out for a sultry skate that won them 28 points from the Ice Panel. And yes, you guessed it - that was their best score so far!

Joe & Alex took their inspiration from Sherwood Forest's most notorious outlaw, skating as Robin Hood & Maid Marian. They were given 29.5 points - yet another series best, as the competition starts to seriously hot up!

Topping the leaderboard for the third week running, Perri & Vanessa went all gothic for their skate, as gargoyle Perri magically came to life as lightning struck...

The Ice Panel gave them 35 points, the highest score anyone has received so far this series.

Once the public votes were in, it was time for the skate-off - with H & Matt facing off against Kevin & Brianne. And after both pairs performed for the Judges, the Ice Panel decided that this week, they were going to save H & Matt. Sadly, that meant real-life fairytale couple Kevin & Brianne left the competition in 8th place.

For everyone else, it's straight back into rehearsals for next week's show...

Week 4 recap

The competition started heating up this week – in more ways than one! Let’s recap Sunday’s super hot performances…

H & Matt were the first couple to hit the ice, delivering 80s arcade game throwback vibes. Their skate to Scissor Sisters’ ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’’ earned them 28 points from the Judges.

Next up, a sweet skate by Maura & Alexander to 'Say You Love Me' by Jessie Ware saw the Ice Panel hand out 25 points.

Ben & Carlotta's skate was literally out of this world, as their alien-themed routine to McFly's 'Star Girl' got them 28.5 points.

Libby & Mark's cute retro routine to Meghan Trainor's 'No Excuses' was off the hook - they got 28 points from the Ice Panel.

A visit from Coronation Street's Antony Cotton and Jane Danson gave Lisa & Tom's skate to Tom Jones's 'Delilah' some added drama - not that they needed any more! The Judges gave them 32 points.

Hayfever sufferers beware, Radzi & Jess brought a flowery summer picnic to life through their adorable skate to 'Your Song' by Elton John! They got 23 points from the Judges.

Things heated up even more as Perri & Vanessa took to the ice with a sultry skate to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's 'Señorita'. The Judges awarded them a scorching 33.5 points - a series high!

The Clash's 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' soundtracked Kevin & Brianne's punk rock skate. The Judges gave them 21 points.

Caprice and her new skating partner Oscar took us to a pep rally, pom-poms and all, with a cheerleader-themed skate to 'Mickey' by Toni Basil. They got 25 points.

Alex Murphy stepped in for an injured Alexandra this week, skating with Joe to Niall Horan's 'Nice To Meet Ya' for 27 points.

Following the public vote, Radzi & Jess and Caprice & Oscar faced this week's skate-off. And following two stellar performances, the Judges had to make another tricky decision. They choose to save Caprice & Oscar, meaning Radzi & Jess left the competition in 10th place.

Our remaining couples are already training hard for next week's show, because this week it's Fairytale Week! It's going to be wonderful. Is it Sunday yet?

Week 3 recap

Have you managed to get Sunday's super catchy Musicals Week songs out of your head yet? We haven't! But let's stop singing for a bit and look back at everything that happened in Week 3's episode...

Absolutely no parades were rained on in the making of our massive group opening number.

Lisa & Tom went all Wild West on us! Their skate to 'The Deadwood Stage' from Calamity Jane earned them 28 points from the Ice Panel.

Channelling Fred and Ginger, Kevin & Brianne's romantic skate to Top Hat's 'Cheek To Cheek' bagged them 22 points.

Lucrezia & Brendyn brought summer vibes to their 'Mamma Mia' skate, and were awarded 21 points by the Judges.

Dreamgirls provided the soundtrack for Maura & Alexander's sparkly skate, as they performed to 'One Night Only'. The Ice Panel gave them 25 points.

A little bit of magic and a lot of hairspray helped Ben & Carlotta skate their way to 24 points, via 'Sandy' from Grease.

Joe & Alexandra skated down the Yellow Brick Road to see the Wizard, and he - or rather, Ashley, John, Jayne and Chris - gave them 20.5 points.

Libby & Mark transformed into Jellicle cats for their skate to 'Memory', and were awarded 28 points.

Radzi & Jess skated through the swamp and got 24.5 points - though if there was an award for the biggest eyebrows of the night, Radzi could've won that one too.

H & Matt took us to 'The Other Side' with a performance worthy of The Greatest Showman, for a total of 26.5 points.

Perri & Vanessa's Lion King skate was roarsome - and they set a new high score for the series, with 32 points.

After the Judges had their say and the results of the public vote were in, Kevin & Brianne and Lucrezia & Brendyn faced the skate-off. And though it was a difficult decision, the Ice Panel ultimately chose to save Kevin & Brianne, leaving Lucrezia & Brendyn to skate off into the sunset.

For everyone else, though? The end of one show just means the beginning of preparations for the next one. See you back here on Sunday?

Week 2 recap

We're two weeks in, all of our couples have now skated for the Judges, and we've even had our first skate-off (which means, sadly, one couple has already left the competition).

Let's recap how it all went down...

Maura & Alexander's tropical vibes earned them a solid 22 points from the Judges.

The headline moment of Lucrezia & Brendyn's skate was that dazzling spin at the end... but the Ice Panel said they wanted to see Lucrezia spend more time with her skates on the ice, and gave them 18 points.

Bringing not just his footballing skills but an actual bejewelled football to the rink, Kevin and his partner Brianne scored 18.5 points overall.

All high drama and elegance, Caprice & Hamish earned themselves 25.5 points from our Judges.

Taking John's comments from last week about needing to improve to heart, Radzi and Jess brought some high energy fun to the ice, and were given 21 points.

The highest scores of the night (and the series so far) went to Libby & Mark, whose '50s high school sports day stylings won everyone's hearts - and 28 points!

Following the public vote, Lucrezia & Brendyn joined Trisha & Łukasz in the first skate-off of 2020. The Ice Panel chose to save Lucrezia & Brendyn, leaving us to say a fond farewell to Trisha & Łukasz. You were amazing, guys, we're gonna miss you.

This Sunday, all eleven Celebs and their partners will compete for the Judges - and for your vote! Plus it's Musicals on Ice week, which is shaping up to be amazing... See you then!

Week 1 recap

The scores from our first week of skating are in! Here's how things stand at the moment...

Joe & Alexandra's roller disco stylings earned them 21.5 points from our Ice Panel.

Perri & Vanessa were suited and booted for their 20s throwback skate, and were awarded 27.5 points.

Lisa & Tom made us all feel super romantic, and their dreamy skate bagged them 26.5 points.

Ben & Carlotta were simply magical (with a tiny wobble at the end, but who's counting?), and our Judges gave them 22.5 points.

Trisha broke our hearts a little bit when she took a tumble, but she and Łukasz got right back up and finished their adorable performance, earning 13.5 points from our Ice Panel.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house after H & Matt's performance, and they finished the night with 25 points.

Come back next week, when another six Celebs will perform for the Judges - and two couples will face the skate-off!