Perri Shakes-Drayton

Perri Shakes-Drayton

On your marks, get set, DANCE (on Ice)!

Our East London athlete Perri is warmed up and ready to hit the rink running on Dancing On Ice for 2018. The competitive 28-year-old might be a champ at the 400 metres sprint, but will her need for speed impress our judges on the ice?

Perri said:"It is an opportunity and I was told in the past I’d never be able to run again and that was not nice to be told... Now the fact my body feels good, I’ve been given a challenge, an opportunity, I’m going to go give it my best shot. I came across Kem from Love Island and we saw each other at the ice rink. He saw my skills, I saw his skills... I’m better than him. I’m most excited about the costumes!”

YES! We love it, fighting talk already. What more could you expect though from one of our finest competitive athletes? Watch out, Kem...

Perri will be paired with skating pro and fellow Londoner Hamish Gaman, who – just like Perri – has snapped up many gold medals over the years.

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