Saara Aalto

Saara's puppets are back for the Final!

Fairytales Week was a real turning point for Saara and Hamish, with Jason even calling it the best performance of the series at the time! So it's no surprise they reprised their playful routine for the Final, and it was even more fun and fantastic than first time around.

  • Saara Aalto

Saara joins the Circus for the Final!

Unicycles, clowns, fire breathers... Saara and Hamish's Final showcase routine really had it all!

They juggled a whole load of ambitious moves as they tamed the ice with a full circus-themed extravaganza. So roll up, roll up and have a watch!

  • Saara Aalto

Saara tries Defying Gravity

She didn't *literally* fly over the ice, but Saara's Semi Final skate saw her glide gracefully through the air to an epic Wicked tune. Thankfully she left the green face paint at home though...

  • Saara Aalto

Killing it! Saara rules Week 8

Don't mess with Saara or it'll be off with your head!

She's a Killer Queen ready to slay the ice, complete with her very own throne and loyal, royal subjects at her beck and call.

  • Saara Aalto

Saara's causing Trouble in Week 7!

Anything can happen as we get closer to the Final - take, for example, Hamish playing a prison guard, chasing a speedy Saara across the ice as she escapes from a golden jail cell.

You could never accuse this couple of being boring!

  • Saara Aalto

Is Saara skating in the dark?

The short answer is no, of course she's not! Health and safety and all that. But she did deliver a gorgeous routine to Gabrielle Aplin's Dancing in the Dark that'll totally light up your life.

  • Saara Aalto