WATCH: Saara's unseen Boléro

They didn't get to perform it in the Final, but Saara and Hamish still worked hard to put together a beautiful Boléro.

Watch them practice the routine that never made it to the ice.

James wins Dancing on Ice 2019!

Say hello to your winners.... James and Alexandra! They performed an epic showcase, their favourite skate of the series and, of course, the iconic Boléro all in one night, emerging as the official champs of the series.

Hit play to watch their moment of glory!

Watch Wes' wonderful Boléro

Our two remaining finalists took HUGE challenge as they fought for the top spot: performing Torvill and Dean's iconic Boléro, in front of actual Torvill and Dean. No pressure!

Thankfully Wes did a fantastic job, treating us all to yet another top notch skate.

The class of 2019 return to the ice!

Look who's back for one last hurrah!

We welcomed our whole Dancing on Ice family back to the rink for one MEGA performance, reminding us all of the amazing routines we've witnessed across this sensational series. Hit play for some serious nostalgia!

Saara's puppets are back for the Final!

Fairytales Week was a real turning point for Saara and Hamish, with Jason even calling it the best performance of the series at the time! So it's no surprise they reprised their playful routine for the Final, and it was even more fun and fantastic than first time around.