Wes Nelson

Watch Wes' wonderful Boléro

Our two remaining finalists took HUGE challenge as they fought for the top spot: performing Torvill and Dean's iconic Boléro, in front of actual Torvill and Dean. No pressure!

Thankfully Wes did a fantastic job, treating us all to yet another top notch skate.

  • Wes Nelson

We're Pumped for Wes' Final showcase

If this is what going to the gym is like, sign us up for a membership immediately!

Wes and Vanessa really muscled in for their first routine of the Final, with back up from our super fit pros - and it looked like a workout and a half!

  • Wes Nelson

Wes' skate is Never Too Much!

Disco ball? Check. Jazzy shirt? Check. MASSIVE retro tune? Check!

Wes handpicked a Luther Vandross banger for his personal skate in the 2019 Semi Final, and we just don't want it to stop!

  • Wes Nelson

Wes' skate is a real Treasure

Well shiver me timbers, we're totally Hooked on this routine! Wes may have played Peter Pan back in Fairytales Week, but now he's jumped ship to become a fully-fledged pirate.

And forget pieces of eight, he got two 10s from the judges!

  • Wes Nelson