Wes Nelson

We Belieb in Wes' routine

Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

Forget that frozen feeling - Wes melted the ice as he brought a slice of island life to Week 6, making it feel like the height of July rather than a rainy February day!

  • Wes Nelson

Wes' skate is out of this world

It's like we've landed on another planet, where there's nothing but ice, ice and more ice - and a Harry Styles hit blasting throughout the land. Oh, and of course there's an amazing skate from Wes and Vanessa to enjoy! When can move here?

  • Wes Nelson

You Can't Stop the Beat of Wes' skate!

Giant cans of Hairspray on the ice? It must be Musicals Week!

Wes fully threw himself into character for Week 3, performing a kitsch and quirky routine with a seriously strong suit to match. Just watch those dancing feet go!

  • Wes Nelson

Even Gravity can't hold Wes down...

OK, not literally... but Wes was practically flying across the ice in his first ever skate! The Islander delivered a fast routine full to the brim with feels, all while actual fire was burning between him and pro partner Vanessa.

Hit play and watch their impressive routine all over again!

  • Wes Nelson