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Our 2020 Suppliers

A huge thank you to the 2020 suppliers that very kindly helped us out on Dancing on Ice...

Dancing on Ice 2020 Final Vote results revealed!

Joe and Alex were crowned the Dancing on Ice 2020 Champions last night, but how close were the results?

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Watch Libby & Mark's Boléro!

They didn't get to perform it last night because they finished in third place, but we thought Libby & Mark's Boléro was too stunning not to share!...

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Joe & Alex tell Kem how it feels to win Dancing on Ice!

In short: AMAZING. The slightly longer version: really, really amazing.

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Joe & Alex have won Dancing on Ice 2020!

Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for - our winners are announced!

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Torvill & Dean are unreal on the ice!

You won't believe your eyes as Torvill & Dean skate with our Pros to 'One Day Like This' by Elbow - and it's all in one shot!

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Perri & Vanessa's beautiful Boléro!

Will this be the skate that wins it for them? Perri & Vanessa's take on Torvill & Dean's medal-winning classic demands to be watched - and rewatched!

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Joe & Alex's elegant Boléro!

They've made it to the final, they're skating to Boléro for Torvill & Dean... can they take the crown? Check out Joe & Alex's take on the classic!

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Which couple has claimed third place?

It's that time already - time to find out who's nabbed that bronze!

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The Class of 2020 take to the ice one last time!

Thought the other couples had just been putting their feet up? No such luck - they had to keep practising their skating skills for this amazing gr...

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Libby & Mark's 'Bare Necessities' are all you need!

Bringing back their joyous Movie Week skate, Libby & Mark made this look easy!

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Joe & Alex take us back to the beginning!

Revamping their first ever routine together, Joe & Alex skate to 'Nice To Meet Ya' by Niall Horan. We'd say it's nice to see them, but at this poi...

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Perri & Vanessa's skate of the series is almost too hot for TV!

Their first 'Señorita' skate sizzled - this one probably would've set the rink alight if it weren't made of, you know, ice.

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Libby & Mark reach for the sky!

Flying the flag for, well, technically, themselves, and skating to Gloria Estefan's 'Reach', Libby & Mark are living proof that anything's possible.

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Perri & Vanessa challenge our Pros to a skate battle!

Soundtracked by Rizzle Kicks' 'Skip To The Good Bit', Perri & Vanessa's showcase skate has so many good bits you won't be able to pick just one!

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Shhh... Joe & Alex star in their own silent movie!

Paying homage to the silent era, Joe & Alex brought slapstick comedy and cute-as-a-button romance to the rink tonight!

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Say hi to your 2020 finalists!

In what might be our glitteriest opening number ever, our amazing finalists - and our Pros! - skate to Take That's "These Days', and give us all s...

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Our amazing presenters, Judges, and coaches look back at the series!

Get comfortable, and maybe find yourself a box of tissues, because this could get totes emosh. What a series!

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Joe, Libby & Perri talk tough

They're all in it to win it, and they're not above psychological warfare! Watch as our finalists trash talk one another... in the nicest possible ...

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All the highlights from our brilliant finalists

From Week 1 to this weekend's finale, here's a look back at Joe & Alex, Libby & Mark, and Perri & Vanessa's journeys so far...

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