Downton quotes - Who said that?

Since the series began the cast have uttered many a memorable one-liner but can you match the quote to the character who uttered it?

We put the Downton cast to the test to see who remembered their lines and we'll be sharing the hilarious results throughout the week.

Pick the answer you think is correct below, then check back later to see if you did better than the actors themselves.

Check back soon to see if you got it right.

You can still see how well, or not so well the cast guessed other choice quotes from the series below.

How closely were you watching episode 5?

We were left reeling at the end of Sunday's show after Robert's stomach complaint revealed itself to be a lot more serious than he thought. But before that Andy revealed he was hiding a big secret and the new Mrs Carson discovered married life might not be all it was cracked up to be.

See how much you remember from episode 5 by taking our extremely tough quiz.

Quiz: Were you paying attention to episode 4?

The new Mr and Mrs Carson returned from their honeymoon

The Dowager tried yet another scheme to get her family to side with her over the hospital and as a result Henry Talbot and Lady Mary were reunited. Gwen returned to Downton Abbey but this time she dined upstairs.

And that's not even half the drama that filled Sunday's show. See how much you remember by taking our quiz.

What wedding gift would the cast buy Carson and Mrs Hughes?

Carson's proposal to Mrs Hughes during the Christmas special had us all rejoicing but there's one big question that needs answering. what to get the pair as a wedding present.

We asked the cast for their suggestions - you might be very surprised by some of their gift ideas.

Feeling inspired? Tell us below what you'd pick out for the pair.

Which famous faces should join the cast of Downton Abbey?

With so many legends from the big and small screen having walked the halls of Downton Abbey already, who would the cast still like to turn up at the door?

We know Patricia Hodge will be making an appearance at Christmas but prepare yourselves for some slightly less conventional suggestions - in particular yet another prospective suitor for Lady Mary...