First look pictures: episode 7

Can Lady Mary find love with a racing car driver?

Lady Mary braves the race track in Sunday's show to watch new beau Henry Talbot do what he does best - are things moving too fast? Lady Edith's new chap Bertie is back and Tom gets a taste of the track.

Below stairs could Thomas's fortunes be changing?

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First look pictures: episode 6

Is Mary getting closer to Henry with a little help from Tom?

At the end of last Sunday's show Lord Grantham's life was hanging in the balance after an explosive illness at the dinner table.

Take a peek at episode six to see how his Lordship is shaping up and what new dramas the family have to contend with.

Make sure you're watching at 9pm on Sunday, ITV.

First look gallery: episode 5

What's in the letter?

Times certainly have been a changing in Downton Abbey this series and will continue to do so in this Sunday's show.

Take a first look at what you can expect and make sure you are watching at 9pm on ITV to see all the latest drama s and developments.

First look gallery: episode 4

Tom's back but is he hiding something?

Sunday's show ended with the return of Tom Branson, much to the delight of the family but is there more to his return than he is letting on? And will we find out this week?

See what else you can look forward to with our frist look at episode 4.

First look gallery: episode 3

Is Edith taking the reigns at the magazine in episode 3?

Things were going badly for Edith in episode 2 as her ongoing battle with her publishing company came to a head and Marigold went missing. But it looks like she could be turning things around in this Sunday's show.

Take a first peek at what else you can expect to see - not least a wonderful wedding.

First look: episode two

We've seen tempers flare and bonds strengthened, but what will behold the residents of Downton next? Get a first look at what's in store for episode two.

Will Carson and Mrs Hughes begin their wedding plans?

Will Edith decide on a London life?

Preview gallery: Look what's happening in episode 1

One more sleep until Downton Abbey! 1925 is set to bring big changes and these are becoming apparent from the very first episode. How much longer can the Crawley family continue as they are?

New faces arrive on the scene and old ones have some difficult choices to make - see more of what you can look forward to from episode one.

Tune into ITV on September 20 at 9pm.

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