Quiz: What would Thomas do?

Bad boy turned hero Thomas Barrow can be nice when he wants to - he just doesn't seem to want to very often and never manages to contain his bad self for long..

Take our quiz and see if you can remember how Thomas reacted in these 10 scenarios from past series.

First look pictures: episode 7

Can Lady Mary find love with a racing car driver?

Lady Mary braves the race track in Sunday's show to watch new beau Henry Talbot do what he does best - are things moving too fast? Lady Edith's new chap Bertie is back and Tom gets a taste of the track.

Below stairs could Thomas's fortunes be changing?

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First look pictures: episode 6

Is Mary getting closer to Henry with a little help from Tom?

At the end of last Sunday's show Lord Grantham's life was hanging in the balance after an explosive illness at the dinner table.

Take a peek at episode six to see how his Lordship is shaping up and what new dramas the family have to contend with.

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