Downton quotes - Who said that?

Since the series began the cast have uttered many a memorable one-liner but can you match the quote to the character who uttered it?

We put the Downton cast to the test to see who remembered their lines and we'll be sharing the hilarious results throughout the week.

Pick the answer you think is correct below, then check back later to see if you did better than the actors themselves.

Check back soon to see if you got it right.

You can still see how well, or not so well the cast guessed other choice quotes from the series below.

How closely were you watching episode 5?

We were left reeling at the end of Sunday's show after Robert's stomach complaint revealed itself to be a lot more serious than he thought. But before that Andy revealed he was hiding a big secret and the new Mrs Carson discovered married life might not be all it was cracked up to be.

See how much you remember from episode 5 by taking our extremely tough quiz.

First Look: Jekyll and Hyde

Take a first look at ITV's brand new action-adventure drama Jekyll and Hyde, starring Tom Bateman.

Jekyll is a young, sensitive and naive man of intellect and morality, a well meaning if slightly repressed character who slips between his two personas unwillingly.

Hyde is a totally different person; a superhero with super powers, great strength, speed and invulnerability. He is confident, risk-taking and lives life on the edge. His self-destructive nature gets him into trouble, and yet he is an incredibly powerful force. He is a man of action who gets things done despite the consequences!

Throughout the series we will witness Jekyll wrestling with the dark, brooding personality of Hyde as he struggles to come to terms with his superhero alter ego.

Jekyll and Hyde begins this autumn on ITV

First look gallery: episode 5

What's in the letter?

Times certainly have been a changing in Downton Abbey this series and will continue to do so in this Sunday's show.

Take a first look at what you can expect and make sure you are watching at 9pm on ITV to see all the latest drama s and developments.

Quiz: Were you paying attention to episode 4?

The new Mr and Mrs Carson returned from their honeymoon

The Dowager tried yet another scheme to get her family to side with her over the hospital and as a result Henry Talbot and Lady Mary were reunited. Gwen returned to Downton Abbey but this time she dined upstairs.

And that's not even half the drama that filled Sunday's show. See how much you remember by taking our quiz.

First look gallery: episode 4

Tom's back but is he hiding something?

Sunday's show ended with the return of Tom Branson, much to the delight of the family but is there more to his return than he is letting on? And will we find out this week?

See what else you can look forward to with our frist look at episode 4.