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Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Chas meets a mysterious man. Also: Lydia speaks the truth and Charity gets jealous.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Charles looses his temper with Tom. Also: There's a difficult conversation to be had for Chas and Chloe and Mack get engaged!

Cast Makeup Calls

Joe-Warren Plant's makeup call

What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next week: Jacob has a severe allergic reaction. Also: Lydia confronts Craig and Gail has a mysterious visitor.

Coming Up In The Village.

Next: Cathy makes a life-changing decision. Also: Moria suspects Cain is up to no good.

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next week: Craig forces himself upon Lydia. Also: Caleb is accepted into the Dingles, and Tom is attacked.

Emmerdale To Tackle Rape Storyline

Emmerdale is to explore the rape of Lydia Dingle, played by Karen Blick, as the character is attacked by her recently re-accquainted childhood friend.  

What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next Week: Mack finds himself back at square one. Also: Lydia and Craig rekindle and is Paddy and Marlon's friendship on the rocks?

Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Bob's in trouble. Also: Lydia has a blast from the past.

Coming up on Emmerdale.

Next week: Laurel's kidnapped, Nate plays with fire and Dan's on the run.

Chris Bisson Talks About Rishi's Shock Death

Chris Bisson (Jai) talks about the aftermath of Rishi's shock death.

Ey Up - Yorkshire Day Steers Programming For ITV3

If you like your Classic Emmerdale episodes, then head on over to ITV3 on Yorkshire Day (Tuesday 1st August) as ITV3 will have a distinctly Yorkshire flavour.

Emmerdale Expands Its Social Media Presence to TikTok

Emmerdale is thrilled to announce its new venture into the world of TikTok, providing fans with even more engaging content to enjoy.

Next Week: Betrayal In The Village

Next week: Will Rishi come to the wedding? Also: Bob's heartbroken.

Emmerdale Storm Debris Transformed Into Hand-Sculpted Bus Stop

Following the devastating storms that struck the village and surrounding areas in Autumn 2022, the aftermath has created a unique and captivating masterpiece. 

ITV and Continuum Attractions announce an ‘All Star Summer’ across the Emmerdale Village Tour & Coronation Street Experience

ITV and Continuum today announce a fabulous ‘All Star Summer’ across The Emmerdale Village Tour and Coronation Street Experience

What's to come on Emmerdale

Next week: Dan is charged. Also: Clemmie runs away, Nicky has his eye on Suni.

Dan Faces An Uncertain Future

Emmerdale is to explore how one punch has the potential to kill.

Next week on Emmerdale.

Next Week: Dan's future hangs in the balance. Also: There's a surprise wedding and Naomi has money problems.

Rishi's Ex Returns!

Georgia Sharma is back in Emmerdale to ruffle feathers on the eve of her son Jai’s wedding to Laurel.   

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