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What's Happening Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Moira's life is falling apart. Also: Belle experiences a horrifying shock, and Rose's secret plan is working.

What's To Come On Emmerdale

Next week: Belle falls pregnant. Also: Vinny and Gabby share a kiss and will Ruby's guilty conscience spill out the truth?

Paula Lane & Jonny McPherson Chat About Ella's Confession

Paula Lane and Jonny McPherson discuss the revelations of Ella’s past and what the future looks like for the couple.

Next Week In The Village

Next week: Matty is in a dangerous situation. Also: Rose and Ruby begin their plan and is this the end for Marlon and Rhona?

Coming Up Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Manpreet attempts to save Ethan's life and has Ella's been past revealed?

Sir Lindsay in Yorkshire!

Mr Speaker helps Emmerdale celebrate 10 000 episodes by fulfilling his 2022 promise of a visit to the Dales.

Emmerdale Reaches 10,000 Episodes

On Wednesday 22nd May 2024 the ITV hit soap Emmerdale will air its 10,000th episode and cast gathered in the village to mark the occasion. 

Next Week In The Village

Next week: Ethan attempts to run away. Also: Belle relives her nightmare, and Vinny tries to kiss Gabby.

Next Week: A Dinner Party Disaster

Starters are served with a bit of awkwardness, main course includes heartbreak and a side of failed marriage and to finish off a dessert of terrifying reality.

Special Episode Offers Viewers A Unique Look Behind Closed Doors

Tensions rise, secrets are revealed, and relationships are shattered as Emmerdale plunges viewers into the heart of a dinner party from hell.

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next week: Dawn and Billy's worst fears are confirmed. Also: Belle takes a pregnancy test and Moira and Ruby go head-to-head.

Coming Up In The Village.

Next week: Tom abuses his power over Vinny. Also: Manpreet flirts with Billy and Will keeps a secret from Kim.

Can Amy & Matty get hitched without a hitch?

Find out next week if Amy and Matty's wedding is ruined by Kerry's deception.


Acclaimed actress Christine Tremarco has joined the cast of ITV’s Emmerdale

Next Week On Emmerdale

Next week: Ruby ruins it all. Also: Amy and Matty's wedding celebrations are in full swing and Liam gets his woman!

Coming Up Next Week In The Village

Next week: Paddy proposes to Mandy, Pollard plans to bring Amit down and has Ruby gone too far?

What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next week: Tom's anger escalates. Also: The faulty gene results are back, and Mandy finds out the truth.

A Mothers Day Sneak Peek

Here's what's happening with some of our village mums next week...

Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Belle's pushed into reliving her past. Also: Chas has bad news for The Dingles and Rhona decides to plead not guilty.

Behind Closed Doors on Belle’s Marriage

Emmerdale is set to depict Belle and Tom King’s controlling and abusive marital relationship. 

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