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Next Week In The Village!

Jordan attacks Ethan and has a warning for Billy. Also: Faith tries to fix bridges and Suzy puts her foot in it!

British Soap Awards 2022!

The longlist for this year's Soap Awards have been announced. Make sure to show Emmerdale your support!

Faith To Receive Devastating Diagnosis

Heartbreaking scenes are ahead for Emmerdale viewers when lovable Dingle matriarch Faith receives the diagnosis that her breast cancer has returned.

What Does The Future Hold For The Village?

The future is not kind to some of our villagers...

Coming Up In Emmerdale!

Marlon has a setback in his recovery, Noah's obsession takes a dark turn and Vanessa nearly catches Suzy red handed.

What Does The Future Hold?

These three new Emmerdale images give hints of the stories set to unfold in a week of special episodes.

Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Carrots

Check out the latest of our ‘Grow your own with Emmerdale' videos presented by Jonny McPherson

Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Potatoes

Join Jonny McPherson (Dr Liam) for our new series “Grow your own with Emmerdale”.

Next Week In The Village

Coming up: Marlon returns home! Also: Noah is up to something and Billy gets attacked.

Join The Official Fan Club

Find our more about the Emmerdale Club!

Behind The Scenes of Meena's Trial

Join Paige, Kevin, Rebecca and Johnny as they talk about their time filming Meena's dramatic court scenes.

Coming Up On Emmerdale!

Meena's sentencing commences, April goes on a surprise easter egg hunt and Kerry has her concerns about Al!

Next Week: The Trial Begins

Next Week: Meena's trial begins.

Coming Up In Emmerdale!

Meena's trial is getting closer and she's busy preparing! Also: Nate and Chloe get cosy and there's a shocking surprise for Gabby at the christening.

Next week in the Village

Next week in the village: Rhona makes up excuses, Laurel fears she's making a mistake and Manpreet reconsiders testifying.

Mark Charnock Explains F.A.S.T.

Mark Charnock explains what to do in the event of a stroke.

Brand new trailer: Marlon's stroke

Take a look at our trailer for next week!

Next week In The Village

Next week on Emmerdale: Residents of the village are shaken and the Dingles pull rank when Marlon has a life-threatening stroke.

Our 50th Birthday Logo Revealed!

As Emmerdale's 50th birthday year kicks off, we're excited to reveal a rather special logo to mark the occasion.

Behind The Scenes Of The Woolpack Revamp

We sat down with Gillian Slight, Head of Design, to talk us through the process of revamping The Woolpack...

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