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    Previews: Coming Up Next Week

    Take a look at what's coming up next week!

    What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

    Finding out that your child is being bullied can be really upsetting and no-one should have to go through what April is dealing with right now.

    Mark Charnock Interview

    Mark Charnock talks about the bullying storyline that Emmerdale is currently exploring.

    Help And Support

    If you have been affected by April's bullying story, there are organisations that can offer advice and support.

    Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

    Meena fears discovery, meanwhile the trolling intensifies for April.

    Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale

    Next week: Jimmy's guilty conscience threatens to get the better of him. Meanwhile, it looks like Faith might have to come clean to Chas.

    Interview with Joe Warren Plant

    Joe-Warren Plant talks about how Jacob is coping after Leanna's death.

    Previews: Next Week's Big Storylines

    Liam struggles to control his grief. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes a move on Mandy!

    Two Unmissable Storylines In Next Week's Emmerdale

    Meena is pushed to the edge, but David is a little bit preoccupied to notice...

    The Vivienne Reacts to Her Emmerdale Appearance For Pride Week

    Special guest The Vivienne opened Emmerdale's first ever Pride week. Watch her react to the episode! 🏳️‍🌈

    M... Is For Murder

    Families are torn apart and lives are changed forever when Malevolent Meena wreaks havoc in the village.

    Three Stories To Keep A Close Eye On In This Week's Emmerdale

    There's more drama than you can shake a stick at in the village this week - here's what you need to be looking out for...

    Trailer: Kim Takes A Stand

    We wouldn't like get on the wrong side of Kim and now whoever has been poisoning her is about to find that out too!

    Emmerdale Pride: The Highlights

    Emmerdale Pride is almost upon us, let's take a look at what's in store...

    Emmerdale Pride: Instagram Takeover With The Vivienne!

    Expect to see The Vivienne's trademark wit as she takes over Emmerdale's Instagram!

    5 Questions That Can Only Be Answered In Next Week's Emmerdale

    Wherever you watch the episodes you're going to want to know EVERYTHING that happens in next week's Emmerdale...

    Promo: Here Come The Brides!

    It's Leyla and Liam's big day! BUT will Bernice get the groom?

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