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Is Emmerdale the most beautiful TV set in the world?

Emmerdale shows off the ‘most beautiful television set in the world’ with a new photo set.

Next Week On Emmerdale!

Charity and McKenzie's world falls apart, Charles is found unconscious and Clemmie comes home!

Here Comes The Groom!

The big day is finally here for Marlon and Rhona!

Emmerdale's 50th Birthday Cake!

Emmerdale kicks off its 50th birthday celebrations with cast and producers marking the occasion with a huge cake of the Woolpack.  

Coming Up In The Village!

Faith goes on the rob, Leyla gets into some serious trouble and Billy has some exciting news for Dawn.

Coming Up In Emmerdale!

Next week: Amelia is caught red-handed, Chas and Al have a close call and Mandy is onto Sandra!

Inside Soap Awards: 2022!

The Inside Soap Awards are back with a bang as a physical event – to celebrate 30 years of Inside Soap magazine!

Next Week In The Village!

Next Week: Marlon tries to enjoy his engagement party, Kim fires Leyla and Amelia drops Thomas!

Shock and Surprise Is In The Air

Sandra confesses her money troubles, Noah gets an unexpected visitor and Dawn makes a discovery.

Next week on Emmerdale!

Next week: Will Cain come to his senses? Charles searches for Naomi and Liv gets a visitor!

Coming Up In The Village

Next week: Al and Chas's affair continues, Nicola has a crash and Mary jumps the gun!

A Reflection On The Past

Chas and Cain reflect on their childhood in light of the tragic news their mother’s cancer has returned.

Decisions decisions

Next week: Temptation takes over and some difficult decisions are made for some of our villagers.

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Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Herbs

Growing herbs at home is something that everybody can try, and gives you the option of adding vibrant flavours to your meals without having to go to the shops.

Next Week In The Village

Next week: Nicola gets attacked, will she be okay? Also: Rhona proposes to Marlon again, but what will his answer be?

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Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Courgettes

Jonny joins the Emmerdale allotment team to discuss how to grow your own courgettes.

Next Week On Emmerdale

Faith goes for her first chemo session, Leyla gets caught out and Chas accuses Moira of cheating.

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Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Strawberries

Delicious with cream, made into jam, in salads, or simply savoured straight from the bush, the humble strawberry has become a British Summer staple.

5 Reasons To Watch Emmerdale Next Week

Here's 5 reasons you should watch Emmerdale next week...

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Grow Your Own With Emmerdale: Radishes

If you are looking for a quick-growing, versatile container crop - then radishes could be the answer. Jonny and Jo show you how!

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