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What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next week: Rhona pushes her luck Also: The heat rises between Tracy and Caleb.

Coming up - Heartbreak in the village.

Next week: Scandalous secret kissing causes heartbreak, but for which couple?

Paula Lane Joins Emmerdale!

Acclaimed actress Paula Lane has joined the cast of ITV’s Emmerdale and is due to make her debut on screen in January.  

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next week: Chloe slaps Charity Also: Caleb seeks the truth from Cain and Rhona finds herself at the hospital.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Next week: Bernice is on the run. Also: Mack proposes, again! And Rhona finds out the truth.

Torvill And Dean To Star In Emmerdale This Christmas

Legendary ice dancers, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, are due to appear in a Christmas episode of Emmerdale this year.

What's In Store For The Village Next Week.

Next Week: Eric lashes out. Also: Victoria and Jacob play with fire and all is not well with for the Dingle family..

Pollard Is Diagnosed With Parkinson's

In tonight's episode of Emmerdale, viewers learned that Pollard has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next Week: The Dingle Court begins and Lydia makes a shocking announcement.

Dingle Court Is In Session

In a special week of betrayal and secrets, the Dingle family take centre stage as Lydia questions their whereabouts on the night of Craig’s death. 

What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next Week: Things get serious with Jacob and Victoria. Also: Gail is a match for her birth son.

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Emmerdale: Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Emmerdale

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Danny Miller Reveals All About His Unexpected Return!

We had a chat with Danny Miller about Aaron's return to the village.

Dramatic Decisions Lie Ahead.

Next Week: Mack makes a life changing choice. Also: Will Lydia tell her family the truth? And Chas is in danger!

Next Week In The Village.

Next week: Chas meets a mysterious man. Also: Lydia speaks the truth and Charity gets jealous.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Charles looses his temper with Tom. Also: There's a difficult conversation to be had for Chas and Chloe and Mack get engaged!

Cast Makeup Calls

Joe-Warren Plant's makeup call

What's To Come On Emmerdale.

Next week: Jacob has a severe allergic reaction. Also: Lydia confronts Craig and Gail has a mysterious visitor.

Coming Up In The Village.

Next: Cathy makes a life-changing decision. Also: Moria suspects Cain is up to no good.

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Next week: Craig forces himself upon Lydia. Also: Caleb is accepted into the Dingles, and Tom is attacked.

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