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    Next Week: Liv Takes To The Stand

    It's not looking good for Liv and Aaron, things steam up for Manpreet and Charles and Kerry returns to the salon

    Previews: Is Liv In The Firing Line?

    Next week: Aaron makes a discovery, Priya faces her fears and Lydia wants some answers from Liv.

    Previews: Coming up on Emmerdale

    Next week: It's Ben versus Meena! But how will things end? Cain takes matters into his own hands.

    Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

    Next week: Al makes more changes to The Woolpack, Ben looks for a new job and things are tough for Tracy.

    Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

    Next week: Chas and Paddy hatch a plan, Al gets his own way in the Woolpack and Aaron loses it with Jai.

    Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale

    Next week: Liam's allotment grows peas and followers! Also: Charity and Mack get caught red handed by a very familiar face.

    Anna Nightingale Talks About Her Big Exit

    We spoke to Anna Nightingale about her big exit after we said an emotional goodbye to Andrea.

    Emmerdale's Best Bits!

    We hope you've enjoyed Survival Week as much as we've enjoyed making it! Join our cast and crew for all the fun on location, in this exclusive video.

    Maze Ablaze

    Paige Sandhu, Anna Nightingale, Fiona Wade and Aaron Anthony take us behind the scenes of the maize maze fire.

    Trapped In A Blaze!

    An exclusive first look at the drama that unfolds in tonight's episodes.

    The Aftermath Of The Bridge Collapse

    Our brilliant cast give you an insight into what it's been like to film such epic stunts.

    Behind The Scenes Of The Rapids

    Take a look behind the scenes of the rapid scenes with Isabel Hodgins and Matthew Wolfenden.

    Don't Look Down!

    Last night’s Emmerdale episode saw a perilous rope bridge above a canyon collapse, but what in store for David, Victoria, Manpreet and Charles?

    Behind The Scenes Of The Bridge Stunt!

    Rebecca Sarker and Kevin Mathurin tell us all about what it was like to film the big bridge stunt!

    Anna Nightingale Talks Epic Drama

    Anna Nightingale gives us a peek into the world of epic drama!

    Fiona Wade Tells Us What To Expect Next Week!

    Action, drama and suspense! Fiona Wade discusses what is was like to film big stunts...

    Charity and Mack's escapades

    Emma Atkins chats about the surprises in store for Charity and Mack during next week's survival episodes.

    Kevin Mathurin Talks Big Stunts And Survival Week

    Kevin fills us in on what to expect from next week's survival activities!

    British Soaps And Continuing Drama Join Forces To Highlight Climate Change

    For the first time in British television history, the country’s soaps and continuing dramas have joined forces to highlight the issue of climate change.

    The Race To Survive

    With Meena on a mission to kill and the elements set against them, the event turns into a race to survive, but who will lose?

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