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Next week on Emmerdale!

Next week: Alex is left for dead Also: Samson is finally caught out and Nicky receives good news.

Coming up on Emmerdale.

Next week: It's Charity and Mack's Stag and Hen do Also: Alex shows his true colours and there's diagnosis speculation for Cathy.

Next week on Emmerdale.

Next Week: Leyla is held captive. Also: Marshall is put under even more pressure and Charles helps Alex.

Coming up on Emmerdale

Next week: There's a late night lock-in at the Woolpack, complications arise with Kyle, and Leyla gets her payback.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Next week: Paddy returns home. Also: Leyla kisses Jai and Amy proposes to Matty.

Emmerdale Blasts Into The Metaverse!

ITV Studios has announced an exciting new research and development project.

Next Week On Emmerdale.

Bob and Bernice's grand opening of the B&B. Also: Eric's knocked unconscious and Ethan is planning on proposing to Marcus.

The Men Of Emmerdale Know It's Good To Talk

For the first time in its fifty year history, Emmerdale will be airing an episode featuring an ensemble cast of only male actors.  

Coming up on Emmerdale

Next week: The search is on to find Paddy. Also: April has a plan to keep her dad in bed and Noah doesn't react well to Samson's appearance

Paddy's Story Takes A Heartbreaking Turn

After a build up of isolation, grief and confusion Paddy Kirk has been visibly struggling. Next month viewers will see Paddy consider taking his own life.

Next Week On Emmerdale

Paddy goes on a double date with Bear. Also: Somthing's wrong with Sarah and Paddy and Mandy have a moment.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Will accuses Sam of stealing from him. Also: Charity receives some information she doesn't like and Marshall sticks up for Arthur.

Deceit In The Dales!

Blackmail threats, cruel deception, and forbidden, secret liaisons are about to send shockwaves through the Emmerdale village.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Sarah figures out Mack's secret. Also: Gabby goes too far when she makes a move on Nicky and calls Dawn a prostitute in front of the kids.

Coming Up On Emmerdale

Some of our villagers are taken in for questioning. Also: April starts a fight in the cafe, while Rhona has a fight in The Woolpack!

Next Week On Emmerdale

It all goes wrong at the christening. Also: Moira and Amy lose Kyle and Paddy has some decision making to do.

Next Week On Emmerdale

Matty tells Moira and Amy what he thinks! Also: Dawn has serious doubts about herself and there's a secret poker game in the cafe!

Will Ash Joins The Cast Of Emmerdale

Acclaimed actor, Will Ash, will be joining the Dingle family this Christmas, playing Caleb Miligan, a well connected, successful businessman. 

Next Week On Emmerdale

Vanessa leaves the village. Also: Matty is on a mission and Bernice gets some news.

Speaker Hoyle hosts reception of thanks for Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars

Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow and Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle were among a host of stars from both soaps to meet the Speaker of the House of Commons.

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