UPDATE: Emmerdale hostage situation comes to an end

Police forensic team has moved in to recover the body of Cameron Murray

Credit: Bob Hope, Emmerdale resident

The hostage situation in Emmerdale came to and end last night when the three missing residents emerged from the flooded cellar of The Woolpack pub.

Speaking to the Emmerdale Village News in confidence, one police officer said: "The hostage situation has been brought to an end by the escape of the remaining captives with only one loss of life - that of the captor."

Although no official statement has been given, sources has reported overhearing officers say they believe Murray may have died as a result of electrocution. Due to the health and safety issues brought on by the severe flooding of the building, the police were unable to enter the pub until earlier today.

Of Murray's hostages, one hostage released earlier in the night, named locally as Alicia Harding, is said to have been shot and remains in critical condition in hospital.

Hostage situation in Emmerdale

Amateur photo of the event

Credit: Bob Hope, Emmerdale resident

Reports are coming in of a hostage situation in the village of Emmerdale. Unconfirmed accounts have said numerous individuals have been released from the Woolpack but three residents are still unaccounted. The Emmerdale Village News will continue to bring you updates as they come.