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5 Questions That Can Only Be Answered In Next Week's Emmerdale

Whether you watch the episodes on your Telly, or whether you watch the box set on ITV Hub you're going to want to know EVERYTHING that happens in next week's Emmerdale...

1. Who Is Poisoning Kim?

Jamie uncovers some very incriminating evidence - all the fingers are pointing at Will! 

Of course, fierce as ever, Kim confronts him! How will he react?

Later, Jamie receives a call from Home Farm, he's alarmed, and rushes off, frantic with worry. 

What will he find when he gets there?

2. Will Anyone Notice That Tracy Is Struggling?

Tracy’s uncomfortable as Wendy coos over Frankie with unwashed hands and rushes the baby away.

Later, Nate's confused when Tracy buys more dummies after one gets dropped on the floor.

As Nate books Lydia in for some childcare to cover Tracy's return to work, Tracy tries her best to sound positive. 

But left alone, she is clearly freaking out about leaving Frankie. Will anyone notice that she's struggling?

3. Will Faith Admit She Needs Help?

Faith is determined to help Liv, no matter what!

But still in pain, Faith could really do with some help herself. 

Can she open up to Chas about how she’s feeling?

4. Will Jacob Put His Foot In It?

Jacob and Leanna argue about her crush on Billy.

So of course he goes and has a word...

We’d want the world to swallow us up too Leanna! Is there anything Jacob can do to get himself out of this one?

5. Will Meena's Jealousy Get The Better Of Her?

Meena is starting to see Jacob as an obstacle to her and David's happiness.

We’re sure it’ll all be fine.

Totally fine…

Don't forget, all of these episodes will be available on the ITV Hub from Monday morning!

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