Weekday evenings

Andy Sugden

Andy came to the village as a troubled 10-year-old. He was over the moon when the Sugdens fostered him . Although he has had some dark times in the past, including accidentally killing adopted mother Sarah, being involved in a hit and run and domestic abuse, he has now matured into a responsible, dependable conscientious father to his two children with his former girlfriend Debbie, Sarah and Jack.

Andy enjoys having a pint with his mate Adam at The Woolpack and is always looking for someone to settle down with.

Keywords to describe character: Strong, dependable, down to earth, considerate.

Domestic Set: Dale View

Work Set: Butler's Farm - Farm Manager

Relationships in show: Diane (step mother), Victoria, Debbie, Katie, Kerry, Adam, Moira, Alicia.

First appearance: July 1996

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 2 wives - Katie and Jo

Likes: Leeds Utd, Rugby League, The Terminator, farming

Dislikes: Bdeing told what to do, being messed around.

If they could have one wish, what would it be?

And finally... Andy wanders round the house topless all the time; Kerry thinks it's for her benefit but Victoria tells Amy he always does it.

Weekday evenings