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Anna Nightingale Talks Epic Drama

Anna Nightingale gives us a peek into the world of epic drama!

How does it feel to be involved in such an ambitious week of drama?

It's been an incredible experience, I feel really fortunate to be a part of such an epic level of production. These weeks are mega and it's everything you hope for as an actor. There are special effects, different locations, and gadgets that my inner geek gets giddy about.

 When you initially read the scripts it blows your mind to comprehend how it will all come together. There are some amazing people involved in all departments and everyone works so hard together to deliver the absolute best they can, it's a huge collaborative team effort.

What's the atmosphere been like on set?

The atmosphere has been electric, there's something about travelling to different places and locations all set up for special episodes that raises everyone's energy and adrenaline levels. Even at those times when you're getting tired, there's a challenge or something really exciting around the corner that motivates you to carry on and do the best you can for yourself and the group. 

When there are 'dangerous' stunts or special effects the team spirit is high and keeping everyone safe whilst doing the story justice is at the forefront of everyone's minds. 

Have you been able to do any of your own stunts?

So obviously being pregnant I had to listen to my body, doctors, and the experts on what it was considered most safe to be a part of. Myself during non-pregnant times would dive into opportunities like this with full commitment but I took it day by day and consulted with those around me to make sure I could safely undertake the parts that I could in the story.

 We've been working with an incredible stunt team and I built a really amazing friendship with the incredible stunt performer who was taking lead on the parts I couldn't. I'll forever be grateful to her for not only her work but also for looking after me and teaching me so much. Thank you, Belinda. 

Is this something you enjoy or have you had to step out of your comfort zone?

It makes me feel very alive to be working on a story like this. From the teamwork mentality to stepping into different sets and learning new skills.

I love acting and all it brings. It can be the best and also a very challenging job, from the times of no work to being so busy it's difficult to feel you're giving it your best. I feel incredibly grateful any time I have a role to be doing something I love. I've done all kinds of work in between acting and constantly remind myself how bonkers it is to actually get paid to pretend to do crazy things. I'll hear myself telling my daughter what I've done with my day and consider what on earth she must be thinking! She asks me "as in for real?" and I'm quick to make sure she knows it's all "make-believe".

What can the audience expect from these episodes?

I know it's been said before but these episodes aren't like anything you've seen before on the show. The stand-alone nature of the episodes will suck you in, chew you up and spit you out. How about that?

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