Weekday evenings

Ashley Thomas

Ashley spent many years as Emmerdale’s well loved and respected vicar. He had it all - a loving wife and family, and despite the curve balls thrown at them, they always came through.

When Laurel started to develop feelings for pub chef, Marlon, Ashley’s world started to fall apart, and he took it out on his elderly father, Sandy. As news spread about Ashley’s violent behaviour, this signalled the end of his marriage, and also spiralled into homelessness. However, if one man could come back from that huge descent, it’s Ashley. Through grit and determination, and swallowing his pride, Ashley is slowly reinventing himself - and now his ex-wife Bernice has been added to the mix, things are sure to be far from dull!

Keywords to describe character: Moralistic, calm, vulnerable, reflective, aware of shortcomings and always working to try and counter them.

Domestic Set: Mullberry Cottage

Work Set: Butler's Farm

Relationships in show: Laurel (ex wife), Bernice (ex wife), Sandy (father), Gabby (daughter with Bernice), Arthur (son with Laurel).

First appearance: December 1996

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 2 ex wives

Likes: Calm, peace, local life.

Dislikes: Fast paced living, gossip.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To restore the life he once had.

Weekday evenings