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Belle Dingle

Even though Belle is still so young, she is the brightest Dingle of the clan. She's a proud and loyal member of her family. Although she's very clever, she’s still a Dingle at heart and will use her intelligence for scams.

Belle’s growing up quickly, and although she’s always been adamant that she wouldn’t turn out like some members of the clan, Belle’s certainly giving her parents a run for their money.

Keywords to describe character: Intelligent, intuitive, caring, normal teenager who likes to test the boundaries with her mum and dad.

Domestic Set: Wishing Well Cottage

Work Set: Attends Hotten Academy

Relationships in show: Zak (dad), Lisa (mum), all of the other Dingles, Sean, Gemma and Amy (friends).

First appearance: 25th December 1998

Awards / Nominations: Frequently nominated as Best Young Performer at the British Soap Awards and won the award in 2007. Also won an Inside Soap Award in 2007.

Likes: Practicing dance routines with Gemma, boys, make up.

Dislikes: Being treated like a kid.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? A fit boyfriend and less hassle from her parents.

And finally... Belle's full name is Tinkerbell Lisa Dingle. She was born in a pig sty on Christmas Day.

Weekday evenings