Weekday evenings

Bob Hope

Bob is a bit of ladies' man and has been married seven times in total to five different women... An ex-salesman, Bob is a joker and full of bright ideas, previously not all fruitful,

His business acumen has now changed as he owns the very popular café. A hub for gossip, flirting and honest conversations amongst all members of the Village He's a great father to Cathy and Heath and his previous phobia of commitment seems to be quashed with the new love of his life, Brenda.

Keywords to describe character: Loveable, optimistic, compassionate, funny, popular.

Domestic Set: Dale Head

Work Set: The Cafe (part owner with Brenda)

Relationships in show: Cathy (daughter), Heath (son), Brenda (business partner and now girlfriend), Dan (best friend).

First appearance: September 2000

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 4 wives, 6 weddings, 7 children.

Likes: Starting a party, music, flirting.

Dislikes: Being alone.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? For Brenda to be healthy.

Weekday evenings